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BD provides complete service plans to protect your equipment and guarantee performance.

We offer comprehensive services that support flow cytometry instrumentation used by researchers or clinicians to advance scientific discoveries and enhance patient care. Each plan is designed to provide excellent customer experience with some of the most experienced and responsive support teams in the industry. Additionally, enhanced and accelerated services are available for flow cytometry laboratories that demand priority response and extended benefits such as instrument uptime guarantees, equipment remote monitoring and IQ/OQ compliance services.


Our services include:

  • Unlimited repair visits
  • Covered travel and instrument part expenses
  • Guaranteed field service engineer on-site response time
  • Robust remote technical and application support
  • Preventive maintenance visits
  • Premium services (instrument uptime guarantees, equipment remote monitoring and compliance services)

BD Credence Service Plans (BD CSP)

Optimise your BD Instrument’s post-warranty performance and keep your laboratory in a perpetual state of the art with a range of BD Credence service plans, designed to suit your instrument’s special needs.

Technical Serives

Advantages of BD Credence Service Plans (BD CSP)



Technical Services
1 Real-time QC monitoring is performed only after receiving the customer’s approval. It requires the instrument to be online - with active internet connectivity. Currently this facility is supported for BD instruments with Windows 7 and Windows 10 only.

Benefits of BD CSP vs. ad hoc Service Calls

  BD CSP Ad hoc Service Calls
On-site repair Priority scheduling of service engineer visit Post receipt of purchase order
Spares Availability Express Subject to purchase order receipt
Preventative Maintenance Prescheduled - proactively by BD Scheduled post purchase order receipt
Assured response time As per plan specifications, between 24-72 work hours > 72 work hours

BD Credence Service Plans

  Warranty Period Post Warranty Plans
Specifications   Ultra Max Pro
On-site Repair Services
Priority on-site repair        
Assured response time2 Region HQ Within 24 working hrs. Within 72 working hrs. Within 48 working hrs. Within 24 working hrs.
Outstation Within 72 working hrs. Within 72 working hrs. Within 72 working hrs. Within 72 working hrs.
Spare parts for repair ©   5% discount 10% discount  
Maintenance Services
Annual preventative maintenance Model wise* Model wise* Model wise* Model wise*
BD software upgrade **   Charges extra    
Technical Support
Remote support Unlimited   2 calls Unlimited
No. of breakdowns covered Unlimited 2 calls 4 calls Unlimited
Instrument Health Monitoring
Instrument health report        
Calibration   10% discount    
Installation qualification (IQ)     5% discount 7% discount
Operation qualification (OQ)     5% discount 7% discount
Performance qualification (PQ) On Request   5% discount 7% discount
Service Consumables
Preventative Maintenance (PM) Kit Charges extra Charges extra 10% discount 1 PM kit included
Laser replacement***    Charges extra 5% discount 10% discount
Consumables#     5% discount 10% discount
Education & Training
On-site instrument maintenance training 1     1
On-site application training 1     1
Priority invites to CMEs, symposiums and webinars        


2 Region HQ refers to Tier 1 cities - Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Pune ; Outstation refers to rest of the country.

© Please refer to the associated covering letter for detailed list of spares included & excluded

* No. of annual preventative maintenance visits is decided as per recommended protocol for the specific model

** Excluding Windows software & hardware upgrade. 

For more details contact your service representative

*** Wherever Applicable

Consumables applicable for discount: Nozzles, O-ring, Calibrator & Normalizer panel. 



Instrument Compliance Services

At BD Biosciences, we offer more than premium laboratory equipment—we can support your facility’s quality and regulatory compliance needs to ensure your BD instrumentation is performing optimally, with maximum uptime.


Program overview

We are committed to supporting your organization’s equipment to help you ensure all systems are meeting compliance and calibration requirements. This includes:


  • Installation Qualification (IQ)
    We will verify and document that equipment is installed to our manufacturing standards or your customized requirements.


  • Operation Qualification (OQ)
    Our equipment experts review instruments and provide documentation that all systems are operating as intended and meeting our specifications while exceeding your expectations.


  • IQ/OQ sustainability support
    We will help when a situation triggers an IQ or OQ, such as major repairs, software or instrument upgrades, and equipment/facility relocation.


If you have questions related to a product or application, or would like to request samples, a quote or demo, please submit your inquiry.

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