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The BD Rhapsody™ Express Single-Cell Analysis System enables single-cell capture and barcoding of hundreds to thousands of single cells for analysis of genomic and proteomic information, using proprietary, gentle, robust microwell-based single-cell partitioning technology. The BD Rhapsody™ Express Single-Cell Analysis System is ideal for routine use with familiar cell systems that do not require visual QC or troubleshooting.


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The BD Rhapsody™ Single Cell Analysis System provides reliable and reproducible results making it an ideal system for translational studies.


The BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System enables simultaneous measurement of surface proteins and mRNA expression, facilitating the identification of distinct subsets of regulatory T cells

Differential gene expression and differential protein expression analysis were performed on three main Treg subsets identified based on manual gating and bivariate analysis of CD45RA and HLA-DR sorted Treg samples. Differential gene expression analysis was performed using the BD Rhapsody™ Targeted Human Immune Response Panel (399 genes). Upregulated genes (>1.25X) are shown in the heat map above. Differential protein expression of 22 proteins was performed simultaneously using BD® AbSeq Oligo-Conjugated Antibodies.


The BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System can be used for deep characterization of exhausted T cells

Expression of 12 proteins and genes that are significantly upregulated at day 14 of chronic simulation of CD8+ T cells. Two populations (red and green boxes) emerged based on the expression level of markers. Co-expression patterns were discerned for CD38, CD39 and CD94. 


The BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System enables resolution of innate lymphoid cell heterogeneity

Differential protein and gene expression at the single-cell level. Heterogeneity was observed in major ILC subsets.


The BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System enables identification of heterogeneity within CLL samples

Clusters are well defined using simultaneous mRNA and protein analysis. Samples from healthy donors cluster similarly. CLL samples cluster separately and uniquely. 


BD Rhapsody™ Express Single-Cell Analysis System

A powerful, high-throughput, microwell-based single-cell partitioning system

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