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Explore high-dimensional biology with BD Biosciences Single-Cell Multiomics Reagents, which empower you to simultaneously detect hundreds of genes and proteins at a single-cell resolution. 



BD®AbSeq Assay

Detect gene and protein expression simultaneously in a single experiment. Named one of the top 10 innovations of 2018 by The Scientist magazine, this assay enables interrogation of tens to hundreds of cell-surface protein markers in a single experiment. The BD® AbSeq Antibody-Oligonucleotide Conjugates integrate seamlessly with a catalog of RNA assays to serve as a single multiomics solution. 

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BD Rhapsody™ Targeted mRNA Kits

Efficiently screen hundreds of genes at once. Predesigned targeted panels such as the Onco-BC, immune response and T-cell panels are available to support your research needs. Supplement these panels with your genes of interest or generate totally new custom panels that fit your research. The panels are designed to target and focus only on genes of interest and can help reduce sequencing costs.

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BD Rhapsody™ Whole Transcriptome Analysis (WTA) Amplification Kits

Uncover the whole transcriptome of a single cell. The WTA amplification kit enables unbiased 3'-based capture, amplification and detection of whole transcriptomes at a single-cell level. You can identify the most differentially expressed genes in your samples and use that information to construct a targeted panel for further analysis. 

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BD Rhapsody™ TCR/BCR Assays

BD Rhapsody™ VDJ CDR3 Protocol—Analyze the TCR and BCR sequence information in your T and B cells, respectively, by identifying their CDR3 region. Run your CDR3 VDJ assay in combination with the immune response panel, BD® Single-Cell Multiplexing Kit and BD® AbSeq Kit to perform multiomic analyses alongside VDJ analyses. 

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BD® Single-Cell Multiplexing Kit

Combine and process up to 12 different samples together onto a single BD Rhapsody™ Cartridge. This kit is compatible with all BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Assays and includes streamlined informatics tools to automatically demultiplex sample tags and identify individual samples during data analysis.

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BD’s History & Leadership

Our History and Leadership in Single-Cell Multiomics Reagents

The BD Biosciences Single-Cell Multiomics Reagents extend the remarkable capabilities of our applications and instruments to multiomics, enabling the analysis of hundreds of genes, proteins and clonotypes. 


The high-throughput proteomics analysis combined with RNA assays that utilize next-generation sequencing enables you to uncover the full potential of high-dimensional biology.

The BD Biosciences Single-Cell Multiomics Reagents can be used in a wide array of applications, including phenotypic and deep characterization of cell types, identifying the clonotype and the multiomic profile of T and B cells, biomarker development, vaccine research, exploring the cellular etiology of infections and pathologies, translational immunology and immuno-oncology.


Quality and reproducibility of results

Our reagents have undergone rigorous testing to produce consistent and reliable results across multiple cell types and workflows.


Integration with the single-cell workflow

Designed to work seamlessly with our advanced BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System, our reagents and assays are designed to support you through various stages of the single-cell workflow—from labeling your targets with oligo-tagged antibodies to preparing sequencing-ready libraries.


Compatibility with our powerful bioinformatics tools, such as SeqGeq™ Software, helps you analyze single-cell results to discern the biology and gain meaningful insights.


New frontiers in high-dimensional biology

Together with our single-cell multiomics instruments, our reagents help you push the limits of your capabilities and reach new heights in high-throughput single-cell analysis.


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