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Information Security Guidelines


Product security information 


It is our goal to provide products to our customers that are secure by design, in use and through partnership. The resources on this page are intended to provide additional security information and best practice recommendations for end users and customer IT personnel who support our products in their laboratories. This information is specific to BD Biosciences products.


For security information regarding BD products in general and an introduction to our corporate cybersecurity policy and framework,click the link below to visit the cybersecurity site at Information on vulnerability disclosures, security bulletins and patch notifications organized by product are also available. Security white papers for BD Biosciences products can also be requested from the Cybersecurity Trust Center located within the site. To submit a report of a potential security issue, click on the Report an Issue link found on the right edge of the Cybersecurity page.


To help you and your IT group maintain information security, BD has put together a set of guidelines for customers using BD workstations. This includes guidelines on keeping them up to date with the latest critical Windows™ OS patches and virus protection software. These guidelines have been tested to assure minimal impact on the performance or functionality of BD software. 


Guidelines for information security

The Information Security Guidelines documents describe cybersecurity controls and third-party solutions that are part of the computer workstations provided with BD Biosciences instrument solutions. The guidelines provide an overview of the BD product security policy, topics on areas of interest such as malware protection, basic guides for Windows OS configuration and general recommendations on security best practices. The documents are organized by workstation vendor and model (such as HP™ Z240) and type of Windows OS environment (such as Windows 10 Professional). 

  Wndows 10 Enterprise IoT LTSC 2021 / HP Z2 G9 SFF (Small Form Factor)

Products supported: 

  • Flow Cytometers/Cell Analyzers - BD Accuri™ C6 Plus, BD FACSCanto™ II, BD FACSCanto™ 10-Color, BD LSRFortessa™, BD LSRFortessa™ X-20, BD FACSLyric™ (IVD and RUO), BD FACSCelesta™, BD FACSymphony™ A1, BD FACSymphony™ A3, BD FACSymphony™ A5, BD FACSymphony™ A5 SE
  • Cell Sorters – BD FACSDiscover™ S8, BD FACSMelody™, BD FACSymphony™ S6, BD FACSAria™ III, BD FACSAria™ Fusion
  • Software - BD FACS™ Workflow Manager, BD FACSLink™


  Windows 10 Enterprise / HP Z2 Mini G5

  • Products supported: Flow Cytometers/Cell Analyzers - BD Accuri™ C6 Plus, BD FACSCanto™ II, BD FACSCanto™ 10-Color, BD LSRFortessa™, BD LSRFortessa™ X-20, BD FACSLyric™ (IVD and RUO), BD FACSCelesta™, BD FACSymphony™ A1, BD FACSymphony™ A3, BD FACSymphony™ A5, BD FACSymphony™ A5 SE Cell Sorters - BD FACSMelody™, BD FACSymphony™ S6, BD FACSAria™ III, BD FACSAria™ Fusion Software - BD FACS™ Workflow Manager, BD FACSLink™

  Windows 10 Enterprise / HP Z2 Mini G4

  • Products supported: BD Accuri C6 Plus Flow Cytometer, BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer, BD FACSCanto Flow Cytometer (10-Color configuration), BD® LSR II Flow Cytometer, BD LSRFortessa Flow Cytometer, BD FACSLyric Flow Cytometer, BD FACSMelody Cell Sorter, BD FACS Sample Preparation Assistant (SPA) III


  Windows 10 Professional / HP Z240

  • Products supported: BD FACSCanto II Flow Cytometer, BD FACSCanto Flow Cytometer (10-Color configuration),BD® LSR II Flow Cytometer, BD LSRFortessa Flow Cytometer, BD FACSCelesta Flow Cytometer


  Windows 10 Professional / HP Z2 Mini G3 and EliteDesk 800 G4 (2017)

  • Products supported: BD FACSMelody Cell Sorter


  Windows 7 information security guidelines (2016)


  Information security guidelines for HP(R) Z2 Mini G5 Workstations


Microsoft patches


BD Biosciences reviews and tests newly released Windows security patches and cumulative rollups from Microsoft™. Patch testing includes operation of live instruments and execution of standard product quality control methods. Patches which pass testing are indicated as recommended and patches which affect product operation are not recommended. Patch test notifications are published approximately once per quarter unless critical vulnerability patches are released by Microsoft.


Patch bulletins are published to the website and organized by product name. See the link below. Your IT system administrator should regularly check the site for new bulletins as they may be posted at any time.



Other Security Patches


HP is a trademark of HP Inc. Microsoft and Windows are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

BD Accuri™ C6 Plus, BD LSRFortessa™, BD FACSCelesta™ and BD FACSMelody™ are for Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

BD FACSLyric™ Flow Cytometer with the BD FACSuite™ Clinical and BD FACSuite™ applications, BD FACS™ Sample Prep Assistant III and BD FACSCanto™ II Flow Cytometer are CE marked in compliance with the European In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive 98/79/EC.

BD Flow Cytometers are Class 1 Laser Products.

BD FACSCanto™ Flow Cytometer (10-color configuration) is discontinued in EU.

BD LSR II is discontinued.