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Anti-Human COX-1 FITC/COX-2 PE
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Flow cytometry
Phosphate buffered saline with BSA, beta-lactoglobulin, and 0.1% sodium azide.


Anti–COX-1, clone AS70, is an antibody raised against human recombinant COX-1 protein. The antibody does not cross-react with human recombinant COX-2 by ELISA.

Anti–COX-2, clone AS67, is an antibody raised against human recombinant COX-2 protein. The antibody does not cross-react with human recombinant COX-1 by ELISA.

Anti–COX-1 recognizes a homodimeric, heme-containing, glycosylated, constitutively expressed enzyme that is located on the lumenal surface of the endoplasmic reticulum and on the inner and outer membranes of the nuclear envelope. Anti–COX-2 recognizes the inducible form of this enzyme.

Preparation And Storage

Store vials at 2°C–8°C. Conjugated forms should not be frozen. Protect from exposure to light. Each reagent is stable until the expiration date shown on the bottle label when stored as directed.

334090 Rev. 1
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Description Clone Isotype EntrezGene ID
PE Mouse Anti-Human COX-2 AS67 IgG1, κ 5743
334090 Rev. 1
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334090 Rev. 1

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