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Fun and Games in Flow Cytometry


Flow cytometry is serious science, but shouldn’t science be fun? Any scientist will tell you that the adventure of discovery and the thrill of experimentation make for a very exciting experience. We at BD Biosciences have always supported the playful side of science. So, we came up with a game that lets you choose your adventure and learn how to get amazing data for real.


Enter then, into the world of Labventure, your own adventure game where you perform experiments in flow cytometry and single-cell multi-omics that either succeed or go all wrong, just like in the real world! Labventure has been designed to give you a flavour of real science using flow and Multi-Omics in a simulated lab environment.


Helped by our friendly but sometimes strict colleague Carla, you will get to participate in a complete experiment, make your own choices and eventually, publish your results in a prestigious journal. You will also unlock real-life prizes along the way.


Sign up for your own Labventure,1 and see how flow cytometry and single-cell multi-omics can give you good fun and great science.




1 Terms and Conditions

  • Prizes are available only in participating countries
  • One prize per person
  • Offer valid only whilst stocks last
  • BD reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time



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