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Purified Mouse Anti-gp91[phox]
Purified Mouse Anti-gp91[phox]

Western blot analysis of gp91[phox] on mouse macrophage lysate.  Lane 1: 1:1000, lane 2: 1:2000, lane 3: 1:4000 dilution of gp91[phox] antibody.

Purified Mouse Anti-gp91[phox]

Immunofluorescent staining of mouse macrophage cells with gp91[phox] antibody.

Western blot analysis of gp91[phox] on mouse macrophage lysate.  Lane 1: 1:1000, lane 2: 1:2000, lane 3: 1:4000 dilution of gp91[phox] antibody.

Immunofluorescent staining of mouse macrophage cells with gp91[phox] antibody.

Product Details
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BD Transduction Laboratories™
Mouse (QC Testing), Rat (Tested in Development)
Mouse IgG1
Mouse gp91[phox] aa. 450-556
Western blot (Routinely Tested), Immunofluorescence (Tested During Development)
58 kDa
250 µg/ml
Aqueous buffered solution containing BSA, glycerol, and ≤0.09% sodium azide.

Preparation And Storage

The monoclonal antibody was purified from tissue culture supernatant or ascites by affinity chromatography. Store undiluted at -20°C.

Product Notices

  1. Since applications vary, each investigator should titrate the reagent to obtain optimal results.
  2. Caution: Sodium azide yields highly toxic hydrazoic acid under acidic conditions. Dilute azide compounds in running water before discarding to avoid accumulation of potentially explosive deposits in plumbing.
  3. Source of all serum proteins is from USDA inspected abattoirs located in the United States.
  4. Please refer to for technical protocols.
611414 Rev. 2
Antibody Details
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Although dormant in resting granulocytes, macrophages, and B lymphocytes, the neutrophil respiratory burst oxidase (NADPH-oxidase) generates superoxide and secondary oxygen-derived toxic products in response to bacteria or a variety of soluble stimuli. It is an integral membrane cytochrome, b558, which consists of two subunits, gp91[phox] and p21[phox]. Upon stimulation, cytochrome b558 forms a complex with cytosolic proteins, p67[phox], p47[phox], p40[phox], and rac2 and produces superoxide anions in a NADPH-dependent manner. In chronic granulomatous disease (CGD), severe recurrent bacterial and fungal infections result from defective NADPH-oxidase activity. The majority of CGD cases are caused by a defective gp91[phox] gene. gp91[phox], implicated as a docking site for p47[phox], is membrane glycoprotein with multiple N-terminal hydrophobic domains and a hydrophilic C-terminus. The expression of gp91[phox] is restricted to terminally differentiated phagocytes and B lymphocytes. This cell type- and developmental stage-specific expression may be controlled by transcriptional activators, such as PU.1 and YY1, and transcriptional repressors, such as CCAAT displacement protein (CDP). Endogenous mouse gp91phox shows 58 kDa band, instead of 91 kDa observed in human. Both mouse and human deglycosylated gp91 are 54 kDa. This difference may be due to less glycosylation sites in the mouse sequence.

611414 Rev. 2
Format Details
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Tissue culture supernatant is purified by either protein A/G or affinity purification methods. Both methods yield antibody in solution that is free of most other soluble proteins, lipids, etc. This format provides pure antibody that is suitable for a number of downstream applications including: secondary labeling for flow cytometry or microscopy, ELISA, Western blot, etc.
611414 Rev.2
Citations & References
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611414 Rev. 2

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