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The software that controls the BD FACSLyricFlow Cytometry System comprises two applications, BD FACSuite™ Clinical Application and BD FACSuite Application. Both applications provide an easy-to-use interface for data acquisition and analysis with the BD FACSLyric System.


The BD FACSuite Clinical Application supports BD IVD assays with predefined assay templates. 


The BD FACSuite Application is designed for user-defined assays which need to be verified and validated by the user.  It enables collaboration through the unique assay transfer feature, providing simple, reproducible and transferrable assay setup facilitating instrument-to-instrument and site-to-site standardization.


Functions included in both applications, including password protection, audit trail, electronic signatures and IQ/OQ procedures, assist in supporting 21 CFR Part 11 and electronic record integrity.


The BD FACSuite™ 1.6 Application offers innovative BD ElastiGate™ Technology, a machine learning enabled auto-gating algorithm, designed to reduce error-prone manual gating, boost standardization and enhance gating of populations.



The BD FACSuite™ Clinical Application provides a streamlined workflow, predefined assay templates for BD IVD assays, and comprehensive reporting

A streamlined workflow

BD® CS&T Beads are used to check cytometer performance and automatically make adjustments, ensuring consistent instrument setup from day to day. They are also used to perform comprehensive checks during system initialization and setup, including performance QC; verify system performance; and trigger the automated laser alignment process if required. This functionality is enabled by the BD FACSuite™ Clinical Application and ensures the entire setup process can be performed without manual intervention.

Predefined assay templates and comprehensive reporting

Assay modules with predefined templates optimized for use with specific BD IVD reagent kits can be installed on the BD FACSuite™ Clinical Application. These templates feature automated gating, calculations and report generation.



The BD FACSuite™ Application provides a streamlined workflow and automated instrument standardization enabling collaboration

A streamlined workflow

BD® CS&T Beads are used to perform comprehensive checks during system initialization and setup, including performance QC; verify system performance; ensure that detector settings are optimal; and trigger the automated laser alignment process if required. This functionality enabled by the BD FACSuiteApplication ensures the entire setup process can be performed without manual intervention.


Spillover value measurement is performed every 60 days using predispensed dried BD® FC Beads. Spillover values are maintained within the software and updated automatically with PMTV changes.


Standardization and collaboration

Universal setup is an automated system that establishes and maintains instrument MFI target values on a single instrument using the BD FACSuite Application, BD® CS&T Beads and BD® FC Beads, allowing for reproducible and consistent results within and between BD FACSLyricinstruments over time.

These settings can be easily transferred from instrument-to-instrument via the BD FACSuite™ Application assay export and transfer feature automating standardization and enabling collaboration across sites.


Highly reproducible results between BD FACSLyric™ instruments drive standardization


BD FACSLyric™ System Variance (CVs)
15 BD FACSLyric™ Systems: Lyse/Wash settings and BD® FC Beads
Blue Laser%CVRed laser%CVViolet laser%CV
FITC4.2APC5.3BD Horizon™ V45011.1
PE4.4APC-Cy74.1BD Horizon™ V50011
PE-Cy74.8APC-H73.9BD Horizon™ BV60513.6
PerCP10.2APC-R7004.2BD Horizon™ BV7117.5
PerCP-Cy5.57.9  BD Horizon™ BV78615.3

Between-instrument reproducibility of target MFI values on the BD FACSLyric Systems


Lyse/wash assay settings were imported across 15 instruments to show effects of standardization on beads. The CVs of the fluorescence intensity across all channels varies by less than 15.3%. Daily QC with one lot of BD® CS&T Beads was run on fifteen BD FACSLyric Cytometers. For each instrument, the PMTV gains were automatically adjusted to meet the target values. BD® FC Beads acquired on each BD FACSLyric Instrument. The MFI of positive populations was measured for all parameters across all instruments. The %CV is shown.


The data for this internal study were acquired using BD® FC Beads across 15 instruments. Greater between-instrument variability could be observed when running biological samples, when using non BD reagents or when comparing fewer instruments.

BD FACSuite™ Software Version 1.6

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BD FACSuite™ Application Academy
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Welcome to the BD FACSuiteApplication Academy, a learning portal dedicated to delivering up-to-date insight on the BD FACSuite Application. As we continue to make improvements, we want to keep you updated on all that the software has to offer. The BD FACSuite Application Academy provides valuable knowledge and is a great source of how-to and training videos all from a single online location. It is also a gateway to special on-demand webinars and special workshop events we offer to further guide you. Please visit often and keep your laboratory up to date on the BD FACSuite Application.

Concatenation: Create a new FCS file by merging multiple files together
SIT flushes: Customize the number of SIT flushes between tubes
Drill down: Create a gated plot directly from the parent gate
Apply gate positions: Define gate locations in one entry and apply those locations to other entries
Ordering populations: Choose the order of viewed populations in a plot
Bead Lot Files and Related Products
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BD FACSLyricFlow Cytometers are Class 1 Laser Products.

 BD® CS&T Beads and BD FACSLyric Flow Cytometer with the BD FACSuite Clinical and BD FACSuiteapplication are in vitro diagnostic medical devices bearing a CE mark.

Cy is a trademark of Global Life Sciences Solutions Germany GmbH or an affiliate doing business as Cytiva.