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Explore our broad portfolio of high-quality dyes and conjugates that can help expand your experimental design options. To power our BD FACSymphony™ family of instruments to do high-parameter flow cytometry, we offer small-scale conjugations between virtually any dye and any clone in our catalog. We also offer access to prototype dyes that are exclusive to BD, and we can conjugate our dyes to customer-provided materials. 




Custom Conjugates

The BD catalog contains over 18,000 unique antibody-dye combinations for flow cytometry, including the BD Horizon Brilliant™ Reagents. However, we know that your research sometimes requires a unique combination that is not readily available. The BD customs program can provide any conjugation you need within our portfolio of fluorescent dyes and antibodies, with all the same configurable specifications.


Are you developing your own antibodies in house or sourcing antibody content that BD does not have? Send us your antibodies! BD Biosciences will conjugate your antibodies to our wide array of fluorochromes, including our BD Horizon Brilliant™ Dyes.*


To inquire about bulk quantities of a catalog product or purified antibodies, email us at


Once you have submitted a request, please allow up to two business days to receive a preliminary quotation. Production lead times and minimum order quantities are dependent on the reagent you choose.


Format: Dried, Lyophilized, Liquid 
Packaging: Tubes, Vials 
Minimum order size: 0.05 mg if BD materials, 2 mg if customer provided material


*Not all isotypes and antibodies will apply


Below is the list of fluorochromes currently available for custom conjugation. Our team of experienced chemists can address any additional configuration or special requirements to deliver the product you need.


Excitation Laser Line Fluorochrome Ex-max (nm) Em-max (nm) Relative Brightness
355 nm
BD Horizon™ BUV395 348 395
BD Horizon™ BUV496 350 496
BD Horizon™ BUV563 350 564
BD Horizon™ BUV615 350 615
BD Horizon™ BUV661 350 660
BD Horizon™ BUV737 350 735
BD Horizon™ BUV805 351 803
405 nm
BD Horizon™ BV421 407 423
BD Horizon™ V450 405 450
Pacific Blue™ 404 455
BD Horizon™ BV480 440 479
BD Horizon™ V500 415 499
BD Horizon™ BV510 405 512
BD Horizon™ BV570*** 407 573
BD Horizon™ BV605 407 605
BD Horizon™ BV650 406 649
BD Horizon™ BV711 407 713
BD Horizon™ BV75O 409 754
BD Horizon™ BV786 407 786
488 nm
BD Horizon™ BB515 490 515
Alexa Fluor™ 488 494 517
FITC 494 518
BD Horizon™ RB545 496 545
BD Horizon™ BB630-P2*** 476 614
BD Horizon™ BB660-P2*** 476 660
PerCP** 481 675
PerCP-Cy5.5** 482 676
BD Horizon™ BB700 476 695
BD Horizon™ BB755-P*** 478 755
BD Horizon™ RB780 498 781
561 nm
PE* 566 576
BD Horizon™ RY586 564 586
BD Horizon™ PE-CF594* 566 615
PE-Cy5* 566 670
PE-Cy7* 566 781
640 nm
APC 651 660
Alexa Fluor™ 647 653 669
BD Horizon™ APC-R700 651 706
BD Horizon™ Red 718 695 718
Alexa Fluor™ 700 697 719
APC-Cy7 651 779
BD® APC H7 659 782

BUV, BD Horizon Brilliant™ UV; BV, BD Horizon Brilliant™ Violet; V, BD Horizon™ Violet; BB, BD Horizon Brilliant™ Blue; BYG, BD Horizon Brilliant™ Yellow-Green

*Excited by 488-nm, 532-nm and 561-nm lasers.

**Excited by 488-nm and 561-nm lasers.

***Available as custom.


For additional fluorochrome selection support, launch the BD® Spectrum Viewer Tool.

Prototypes of BD Horizon Brilliant™ Dyes (-P)

BD Life Sciences is committed to continuing to develop new BD Horizon Brilliant™ Dyes across various laser lines to improve the spectral properties of dyes and minimize the need for compensation in higher-order panels.


These prototype (-P) dyes have reached initial quality specifications but may undergo additional development that could result in minor performance changes. Any significant changes to the structure of the dye to optimize performance will be appropriately communicated to customers.


Class 1 Laser Product. For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Alexa Fluor and Pacific Blue are trademarks of Life Technologies Corporation. 

CF is a trademark of Biotium, Inc. 

Cy is a trademark of Global Life Sciences Solutions Germany GmbH or an affiliate doing business as Cytiva.