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BD FACSymphony™ A3 Cell Analyzer

A customizable flow cytometer that provides high-parameter analysis in a smaller footprint


The BD FACSymphony™ A3 Cell Analyzer:

  • Enables the simultaneous detection of up to 30 parameters and 28 colors
  • Offers highly customizable options to meet your research priorities and can be configured to meet your needs today with room for growth tomorrow
  • Harnesses the power of the full BD solution to reach deeper insights with state-of-the-art analyzers, a portfolio of bright dyes, specialized technical support and high-dimensional analysis tools
  • Provides the flexibility to match your needs and budgets

Contact your local representative to discuss the ideal instrument to meet your needs.


Learn more from the BD FACSymphony™ A3 Cell Analyzer brochure.



As a Special Order Research Product (SORP), the BD FACSymphony™ A3 Cell Analyzer offers a choice of lasers from 26 different laser wavelengths to optimally configure your instrument for your specific research application.

For most lasers, multiple power ratings can be adjusted, stored and recalled using the digital laser command and control functionality are available.


Dependent on the laser, power settings from 20–1,000 mW may be available.


Fluorochrome availability and excitation characteristics across various wavelengths should be discussed during the configuration process to identify the best optical options for your research.

Common lasers used


LaserWavelength (nm)Power (mW)

The BD FACSymphony™ A3 Cell Analyzer works with conventional and BD Horizon Brilliant™ Fluorochromes to expand experimental design and help accelerate time to insight


Enable on-site training and instrument characterization with CD4 fluorochrome evaluation kits

Each BD fluorochrome optimized for flow cytometry has been conjugated to anti-human or mouse CD4 and is provided for PMT voltrations and instrument characterization. Higher-parameter configurations may also include custom fluorochromes suitable for additional channels. Mid- and low-expressed antigen specificities are available on a custom basis. 


Representative PMTV titration and measured stain index of PBMCs stained with clone SK3 mouse anti-human CD4 acquired at varying PMTVs in 25 V increments. Stain index and resolution for this detector is nearing maximal at a PMTV of 425 V and above as indicated by the square.


Reduce cost and risk of optimizing new high-parameter panels

Speak with your representative about including reagents as part of your instrument purchase to enable you to minimize the cost and risk of optimizing new high-parameter panels on your BD FACSymphony™ Cell Analyzer.


Our high-parameter specialists will work with you to identify the optimal panel for your experimental design and instrument configuration and provide the reagents needed to get to the final rendition of your panel. 


The BD FACSymphony™ A3 Cell Analyzer and FlowJo™ v10 Software enable high-dimensional data analysis


Take your analysis to the next level with new features in FlowJo™ v10 Software including improved BD FACSDiva™ Software support, platform overlays, spectral compensation and more.


Useful tools for high-dimensional visualization and analysis of BD FACSymphony™ Cell Analyzer data include t-SNE, OptSNE, UMAP, TriMAP and EmbedSOM.


Keep up to date on the latest plugins at FlowJo Exchange.


Human PBMCs from 15 normal donors were stained with a 25-color immunophenotyping panel and acquired on three similarly configured BD FACSymphony™ A5 Cell Analyzers. Unsupervised nonlinear dimensionality reduction algorithms from FlowJo™ v10 Software were employed to visualize these data sets.



BD FACSymphony™ A3 Cell Analyzer

A customizable flow cytometer that provides high-parameter analysis in a smaller footprint.

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Class 1 Laser Product.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

Note: For specificities not yet available in the catalog or through BD OptiBuild™ Custom Reagents, high-parameter users have access to a small-scale custom conjugation program for BD Horizon Brilliant™ Dyes, including early access to the high-parameter dye menu.

Alexa Fluor® is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific. Cy™ is a trademark of GE Healthcare. Cy dyes are subject to proprietary rights of GE Healthcare and Carnegie Mellon University and are made and sold under license from GE Healthcare only for research and in vitro diagnostic use. Any other use requires a commercial sublicense from GE Healthcare, 800 Centennial Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08855-1327, USA.