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BD continually strives to deliver quality products, improve our offerings to better serve our customers and help optimize multicolor flow experiments. To this extent, we have launched an initiative to improve the performance of BD Horizon Brilliant Violet 605 (BV605) Research Use Only (RUO) Antibody Reagents. The BD Horizon BV605 Reagents will start being manufactured through a new process that provides enhanced photostability along with equivalent or improved brightness. You can also expect to see more BV605 RUO specificities being launched as a result of this process change.

BD HorizonBV605 RUO Reagents, excluding BD OptiBuildReagents, will start to be manufactured via the new process beginning in September 2023. This change is expected to take 18–24 months to implement across the entire portfolio. As catalog numbers will not be changing, a product notice will temporarily be included with the reagent packaging as an indicator that the change has occurred for a particular catalog number.

What you can expect from the lots manufactured using the new process:

  • Enhanced photostability
  • Equivalent or improved brightness relative to the legacy process
  • No changes to the catalog number, specificity, clone or dye
  • A product notice will temporarily be included with the reagent packaging as an indication the change has occurred

See the product list below detailing which BD HorizonBV605 RUO Reagents have undergone the change. The table references the final lot made using the legacy manufacturing process and first lot produced through the new process.

Performance Data

Comparison of original and revised BD Horizon™ BV605 Reagents demonstrating similar or better performance.

Product Transition Chart


BV605 RUO Reagent Cat. No. Species Description Clone Last Lot
Legacy Process
First Lot
New Process
563059 Mouse Ms CD279 (PD-1) BV605 J43 50ug J43 3184010 3236998
562723 Human Hu CD11B BV605 ICRF44 25Tst ICRF44 3146211  
562721 Human Hu CD11B BV605 ICRF44 100Tst ICRF44 3146209  
562989 Human Hu CD69 BV605 FN50 100Tst FN50 3130907  
562724 Human Hu CD196 CCR6 BV605 11A9 50Tst 11A9 3177669  
563144 Iso Ctrl Rat IgG2a Kpa ItCl BV605 R35-95 50ug R35-95 3033368  
564165 Human Hu IL-2 BV605 MQ1-17H12 100Tst MQ1-17H12 3177373  
564098 Non-Hu Primate NHP CD45 BV605 D058-1283 50Tst D058-1283 3048574  
563930 Human Hu CD11c BV605 B-ly6 25Tst B-ly6 3151670  
563929 Human Hu CD11c BV605 B-ly6 100Tst B-ly6 3191603  
562979 Human Hu CD15 BV605 W6D3 25Tst W6D3 3107761  
563052 Mouse Ms CD80 BV605 16-10A1 50ug 16-10A1 3130908  
567691 Human Hu CD39 BV605 A1/CD39 100Tst A1/CD39 3104429  
565998 Human Hu CD4 BV605 SK3 25Tst
SK3 3207591  
562980 Human Hu CD15 BV605 W6D3 100Tst W6D3 3107749  
563313 Human Hu IgD BV605 IA6-2 50Tst IA6-2 3214603  
562987 Iso Ctrl Rat IgG1 Lam ITCL BV605 A110-1 50ug A110-1 2293021  
564032 Human Hu CD183 BV605 1C6/CXCR3 50Tst 1C6/CXCR3 3027125  
564047 Human Hu CD45 BV605 HI30 100Tst HI30 3214600  
564048 Human Hu CD45 BV605 HI30 25Tst HI30 3214602  



For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.