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The analysis platform to extract insights from scRNA-seq data

SeqGeq™ v1.7 Software is a device-agnostic desktop bioinformatics platform designed for the analysis of single-cell experiments and developed by the makers of FlowJo™ Software. SeqGeq™ Software includes a wide suite of informatics features including: V(D)J analysis, Seurat clustering, Monocle trajectory inference and much more.


SeqGeq™ Software allows researchers to perform advanced analysis, data exploration and visualization with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface familiar to anyone who uses FlowJo™ Software. SeqGeq™ Software generates quality figures that are easily shared for publication and collaboration.




The latest release of SeqGeq™ v1.7 Software

  • This update contains several workflow improvements to streamline your analysis.
  • Issues with the Save function have been fixed. This extends to the auto-save dialog created when closing a workspace. It should no longer be necessary to always use the Save As function and make successive versions or save excessive copies of .geqzip analysis files.
  • Updated to run with Java 9.
  • Single-cell heatmap data in Layouts is now cached so updates to heatmaps following their initial creation will be faster.