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BD FACSDiscover™ S8 Cell Sorter

The first real-time imaging, spectral flow cytometer


Derive greater insights and unlock new discoveries using image-enabled sorting and spectral flow cytometry.

BD FACSDiscover S8 Cell Sorter with BD CellView Image Technology and BD SpectralFX Technology, the first spectral flow cytometer sorter with sort-capable image analysis, expands the power of cell analysis and sorting to new dimensions by combining spectral flow cytometry with real-time spatial and morphological insights—empowering scientists to address previously impossible-to-answer questions.


  • Obtain insights on cell populations and characteristics that can be visually confirmed in real time during analysis and sorting
  • Enhance spectral flow cytometry with spatial and morphological insights to interrogate and sort cell types that previously could not be identified or isolated
  • Simplify your workflow with built-in visual inspection capabilities, more flexible panel design and automated features
  • Create a comprehensive profile of highly complex diseases and systems with correlation of downstream analysis with imaging and traditional flow data 



Watch the BD FACSDiscoverTM S8 Cell Sorter innovation video


The BD FACSDiscover™ S8 Cell Sorter has been designed with safety in mind

We have partnered with The Baker Company to design a custom biosafety and sorting solution. Our solution is comprehensive and keeps your cell sorting activities running smoothly and safely, so you can focus on your research.




Product has not yet been CE marked and cannot be made available in the European Union until CE marking has been completed.