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BD Biosciences offers a range of sample preparation reagents for advanced flow cytometry applications. From lysis buffers to separate lymphocytes and red blood cells to reagents that can help enrich your desired immune cell subpopulations by positive selection or depletion, our offerings span every part of your sample preparation workflow. 


Magnetic cell separation reagents

BD IMag™ Particles are nanometer-sized super-paramagnetic particles with monoclonal antibody or streptavidin covalently bound to their surface. The particles are optimized for either positive or negative selection of leukocyte subpopulations using the BD IMag™ Direct Magnet (DM) System.


Use BD IMag™ Enrichment Reagents for research applications that require a cell population with high levels of purity

These enrichment reagents contain a cocktail of monoclonal antibodies used to label antigens expressed by all unwanted cells. The BD IMag™ Reagent is used to magnetically label these cells, which are then migrated to the BD IMag™ Cell Separation Magnet, leaving behind a pure and untouched subpopulation of cells.


Use BD IMag™ Enrichment Sets to enrich different types of immune cell populations

The sets contain biotinylated antibody cocktails and BD IMag™ Streptavidin Particles. The human sets can enrich for B lymphocytes, CD4 and CD8 T lymphocytes, and NK cells, while the mouse sets can enrich for these and dendritic cells or hematopoietic progenitor cells.

View our portfolio of magnetic cell separation reagents at our catalog or product list


Lysis and cell separation reagents

Utilize our lysing buffers that yield good light scatter separation of lymphocytes and red blood cells for flow cytometry

The BD Pharm Lyse™ Solution lyses red blood cells following monoclonal antibody staining. The buffer does not contain a fixative agent, so leukocytes remain visible after red blood cell lysis.


Use BD buffers to seamlessly prepare your precious cells and maintain important biology for flow cytometry

BD permeabilization, fixation and staining buffers are specifically designed to get the best result, no matter the type and location of a given protein. Whether you are looking at cell surface markers or diving deep into transcription and phosphorylation events within a cell, BD has all the right buffers to ensure the best results.


View our blood lysis and cell preparation buffers and solutions


To find out which clones and dyes are compatible with phosphorylated protein detection, use our handy buffer compatibility tool.


Visit our magnetic separation application page to learn more about the principles behind positive and negative selections and to view sample data.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.