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From a simple, portable imaging system for determining CD4 counts to a sophisticated flow cytometer for CD4 testing and immune status analysis in an advanced clinical lab, we provide various options for your flow cytometric analyses.



Learn more about how we support our discontinued BD FACSCalibur™ and BD FACSCount™ instruments. Find out more about our BD FACSVia™ System.



BD’s History & Leadership

Our Leadership in Clinical Cell Analyzers

BD Biosciences has been the leading provider of innovative technology and advanced solutions in flow cytometry systems since 1974 when the first fluorescent activated cell sorter was introduced.

Our BD FACSCalibur™ Cell Analyzer was the first automated multicolor flow cytometry system that could perform cell analysis in one benchtop system and is recognized as the gold standard in automated benchtop analysis and dual laser technology.


Our subsequent offerings continued to build on that reputation and expanded on the best-in-class clinical diagnostic services. By automating many features, our clinical cell analyzers streamline processes and reduce hands-on time for operators. Our latest advanced clinical cell analyzer, the BD FACSLyric™ System provides accurate, reliable and repeatable results.


Workflow automation, standardization across instruments and sites, and connectivity are all critical for a successful clinical lab. Along with our clinical flow cytometry reagents and acquisition and analysis software and informatics tools, we provide a complete solution for your cell analysis needs. Our clinical cell analyzers are backed by 40+ years of our expert training, service and support. We continue to innovate through partnership and collaboration with you. 

BD Biosciences also offers a broad portfolio of Research Cell Sorters to rapidly sort subpopulations of cells for various research applications and Research Cell Analyzers with a wide range of capabilities for subsequent cell analysis in research labs.

BD flow cytometers and BD FACSDuet™ are Class 1 Laser Products.

BD FACSCantoTM II, BD FACS™ Sample Prep Assistant III, BD FACS™ Lyse Wash Assistant, BD FACSDuet™ Sample Preparation System, BD FACSVia™ System and BD FACSLyric™ flow cytometer with the BD FACSuite™ Clinical and BD FACSuite™ applications are CE marked in compliance with the European In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive 98/79/EC.