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TCR/BCR Amplification Kit

BD Rhapsody™ TCR/BCR Amplification Kit

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BD Rhapsody™
Single cell multiomics experiments on the BD Rhapsody™ platform


The purpose of this kit is to provide the necessary reagents to prepare full length Human TCR and BCR libraries and is compatible with both Whole Transcriptome Analysis (WTA) and Targeted mRNA assays. In addition to this kit, an mRNA library preparation kit will be required, either the WTA amplification kit (cat no. 633801) or the Targeted mRNA & AbSeq Amp kit (cat no. 633774) with a targeted primer panel like the Human Immune Response panel (cat no. 633750). Cell capture (cat no. 664887 and 633733) and cDNA (cat no. 633773) reagents will also be needed. Learn more about the intended use of this kit and the associated protocol from the BD Rhapsody™ Single-Cell Analysis System user guide.

Preparation And Storage

Store both the BD Rhapsody™ Whole Transcriptome Analysis Amplification Kit at –20°C. Store the Targeted mRNA & AbSeq Amp kit, the Human Immune Response panel, and the cDNA reagent at –25°C to –15°C. Store the Cell capture reagents at room temperature (15°C to 25°C).

665345 Rev. 2

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Comparisons, where applicable, are made against older BD Technology, manual methods or are general performance claims.  Comparisons are not made against non-BD technologies, unless otherwise noted.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.