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Four-way sorting on the BD FACSMelody™ Cell Sorter.


Cell sorting is fast becoming an essential step on the path to deeper understanding and discoveries in the life sciences. Although cell sorting often is performed on instruments owned by core labs, there are issues associated with transporting samples and timely access. A readily available on-site sorter that provides consistent, reliable results could benefit researchers in many fields of investigation. And, researchers need a solution that is easy to learn, use and maintain.




The BD FACSMelody™ Cell Sorter

The BD FACSMelodyTM Cell Sorter, a high-end cell sorter in an easy-to-use package, now packs more punch with 4-way sorting. This new feature enables you to spend less time on sequential runs and get more information from your precious samples by enabling the sorting of four different cell populations in a single run. The BD FACSMelodyTM Cell Sorter  requires minimal training for effective operation, regardless of a user’s skill and experience. It enables researchers to work efficiently and improves throughput, thanks to its streamlined workflow that eliminates manual setup and monitoring of sorting.


It takes only 17 minutes to run a sample through the BD FACSMelodyTM Cell Sorter. The BD FACSChorus™ software guides researchers through the entire cell sorting process using advanced automation technology, making sorting simple and saving time.


Flow Cytometry and Multiomics in one Workflow

When the BD FACSMelody™ is used alongside the BD Rhapsody™ system in a combined flow cytometry and Multi-Omics workflow, the 4-way sorting may allow faster and more efficient analysis of cell populations, enabling new discoveries in science!  


Download the BD FACSMelody™ system brochure.



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