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Lysing Solution 10X Concentrate

BD FACS™ Lysing Solution 10X Concentrate

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BD FACS™ Lysing solution is intended for lysing red blood cells following direct immunofluorescence staining of human peripheral blood cells with monoclonal antibodies prior to flow cytometric analysis.

BD FACS™ Lysing solution is appropriate for use with reagents such as BD Tritest™ or BD Simultest™ reagents and a suitably equipped flow cytometer. It may be used in both lyse/wash and lyse/no-wash procedures.

Preparation And Storage

BD FACS™ Lysing solution (10X) is stable until the expiration date shown on the bottle label when stored as directed. Do not use this reagent if discoloration occurs or a precipitate forms.

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349202 Rev. 1

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