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FlowJo™ Software is your partner and committed to take your research to new heights. 


FlowJo™ Software enables single-cell flow cytometry analysis that helps unlock your data insights with accessible features for immunophenotyping, cell cycle, proliferation, kinetics studies, quantitative population comparison, plate screening assays and more.



New Updates

The latest release of FlowJo™ v10.9 Software 


  • Embed—Forward propagate your clustering or dimensionality reduction results to new files with the same parameters.
  • Marker Enrichment Modeling (MEM)—Name your clusters based on their expression with a human-and machine-readable label.
  • Extract Autofluorescence without Autospill—Use an unstained cell data file to model autofluorescence for subtraction.
    • Automatically create quads and rectangle gates based on range gates, bi-sector gates or the data itself.
    • Also, gates with the same name can now be linked together as ‘clones’ so that their position is synchronized.
  • Built-in ClusterExplorer—Display line charts, bar charts, heat maps and dimensionality reduction plots of clustered data in FlowJo Software without the use of a plugin.
  • Spectral similarity scores—Calculate the cosine index for your actual data to evaluate reagent choices you made in panel design.
  • Improved interaction with BD® Research Cloud (BD RC)BD RC is a new tool for collaboration, experiment and data management, panel design and more.