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0.5 mg/ml
Rat (QC Testing), Rat (Reported)
ELISA (Routinely Tested)

Preparation And Storage

The antibody was conjugated with biotin under optimum conditions, and unreacted biotin was removed. Store undiluted at 4°C and protected from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze.

Product Notices

  1. Please refer to for technical protocols.
560479 Rev. 1
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Description Quantity/Size Part Number EntrezGene ID
Antibody Coated Wells N/A 51-27261E N/A
Detection Antibody Biotin Anti-Rat TNF 1 Vial(s) (1 ea) 51-9006282 24835
Standards N/A 51-27266E N/A
Enzyme Concentrate Streptavidin-HRP N/A 51-9002833 N/A
Wash Concentrate (20X) 100 mL (1 ea) 51-9003738 727
Stop Solution N/A 51-2608KC N/A
Standard/Sample Diluent N/A 51-2708KD N/A
TMB One-Step Substrate Reagent N/A 51-2709KD N/A
ELISA Diluent N/A 51-2717KD N/A
Enzyme Diluent N/A 51-2718KD N/A
560479 Rev. 1
Citations & References
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560479 Rev. 1

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