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Human Immunoglobulin Master Buffer Kit

Human Immunoglobulin Master Buffer Kit

Product Details
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BD™ Cytometric Bead Array (CBA)
Flow cytometry (Routinely Tested)

558683 Rev. 1
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Description Quantity/Size Part Number
Detection Reagent Diluent 100 Tests (1 ea) 51-9003990
Capture Bead Diluent 100 Tests (1 ea) 51-9005342
Instrument Setup Bead F1 100 Tests (1 ea) 51-9003851
PE Instrument Setup Bead F1 100 Tests (1 ea) 51-9005038
F Wash Buffer N/A 51-9004398
PE* Positive Control Detector 100 Tests (1 ea) 51-9005065
Instrument Setup Bead A9 N/A 51-9003858
Instrument Setup Bead A1 N/A 51-9003855
Instrument Setup Bead F9 N/A 51-9003854
Assay Diluent 100 Tests (2 ea) 51-9005454
558683 Rev. 1

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