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BD Launches State-of-the-Art Cloud Software Solution to Streamline Flow Cytometry Research

Flow cytometry is an essential tool used to analyze single cells based on their characteristics, letting scientists study them in more detail to better understand health and disease. Traditional flow cytometry workflows can be inefficient, time consuming and involve many incompatible systems. 

BD® Research Cloud, developed by the BD software engineers who created FlowJo™ Software, bridges and integrates all of the flow cytometry workflow steps, enabling scientists to more easily design reagent panels, connect instruments with data analysis software, store experimental data and procedures, and manage collaboration with colleagues.

"The modern flow cytometry lab can be busy with limited staff, which is why making experiments more organized, more efficient, along with making the data more easily accessible in the future, is of extreme value," said David Archer, PhD, whose research interests are focused on the pathogenesis of sickle cell disease. "A cloud software solution that can support researchers from the panel design process to easily ordering those reagents to then defining the experiment to run on a flow cytometer, is a valuable tool and has the potential to accelerate time to discovery and publication."


BD® Research Cloud is built on an industry-standard cloud infrastructure and is specially optimized for BD instruments and reagents. As a cloud-based open system, future releases will provide users with even more intuitive and powerful capabilities, alongside growing resources from BD including panel design education sessions, e-books and dedicated applications support.

"BD is committed to delivering innovative solutions to our customers that enhance the quality and efficiency of their flow cytometry research in new and meaningful ways," said Steve Conly, newly appointed worldwide president of BD Biosciences. "BD® Research Cloud is a powerful all-in-one platform that connects instruments, reagents and data analysis, bringing more complex experiments within reach — which can aid and propel potentially life-changing research from discovery to drug development. In combination with other BD innovations, including our new BD Horizon RealYellowand RealBlue Reagents and newly unveiled BD FACSDiscover S8 Cell Sorter with BD CellViewImage Technology, BD is unlocking new potential for flow cytometry to optimize and advance groundbreaking research."

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