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The BD Horizon™ R718 Dye for Flow Cytometry


Multicolor flow cytometry is a powerful technology that enables the simultaneous analysis of multiple markers at the single-cell level. With the increase in the number of detectable parameters, the design of a multicolor panel can be challenging and requires an understanding of several factors that can influence panel performance.


One of these factors is the choice of the fluorochrome for each marker. Fluorochromes should be carefully selected to resolve markers at all expression levels and minimize spectral overlap. In addition, issues like marker co-expression, especially dim markers, and the gating strategy needed to identify the population of interest should also be considered.



The BD Horizon™ R718

The BD Horizon™ R718, developed exclusively by BD Biosciences, is a small-molecule dye that is excited by the red laser (628 or 640 nm) and has an emission maximum of 718 nm. It can be used as a replacement for Alexa-Fluor® 700 or APC-R700 without the need to change the instrument settings, as it uses the same filters. Moreover, it has a greater resolving power than the Alexa-Fluor® 700, brighter signal and reduced background.  The BD Horizon™ R718 Reagents also offer minimal spread into the APC detector and offer a higher stain index than the Alexa-Fluor® 700.1



Advantages of the BD Horizon™ R718

The BD Horizon™ R718 can add a lot of advantages to your flow cytometry panel.1

  • It is a bright organic dye with low background
  • It resolves antigens with low expression levels
  • Hundreds of R718 conjugates are available through the BD OptiBuild™ range of On-Demand Reagents


Discover how BD Horizon™ R718 Reagents can help propel your research. Learn more about the BD Horizon™ R718 by visiting the dedicated website.

Download the product information sheet


Also visit our dedicated page on panel design resources, with lots of information and educational resources on how you can get the best resolution for the cell population of interest in your flow cytometry experiment.



BD Horizon™ Red 718 Product Information Sheet.

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