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PAXgene® Blood RNA Tube

PAXgene® Blood RNA Tube

Product Details
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The PAXgene® Blood RNA Tube is intended for immediate stabilization of intracellular RNA, thereby yielding accurate and reproducible gene expression data. It is part of the PAXgene Blood RNA System that integrates the key steps of whole blood collection, intracellular RNA stabilization, and RNA purification.

The PAXgene Blood RNA Tube contains a proprietary reagent for stabilization of intracellular RNA immediately upon collection. Intracellular RNA is stabilized for up to three days at room temperature or five days at 2-8°C. PAXgene Tubes can be frozen at temperatures of -20°C to -70°C for long-term storage.

The PAXgene Blood RNA System is the first IVD marketed product for the collection, storage, and transportation of blood and stabilization of intracellular RNA in a closed tube with subsequent isolation and purification of intracellular RNA from whole blood for RT-PCR used in molecular diagnostic testing. Performance characteristics for the PAXgene Blood RNA System have been established with FOS and IL1B gene transcripts.

Preparation And Storage

Store the unused PAXgene Blood RNA Tubes at 4−25˚C. Limited excursion temperatures up to 40˚C are permitted.

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