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Cytognos and BD Biosciences were at ESID 2022


The European Society for Immunodeficiencies (ESID) is a non-profit association that has been striving to improve the knowledge in the field of primary immunodeficiency (PID) by encouraging research, developing educational programs, and fostering cooperation among all those involved in the diagnosis, treatment and management of these diseases.


The theme of ESID 2022 was dysregulation and hyperinflammation in inborn errors of immunity, and in this occasion, it was a traditional person-to-person meeting, which took place in Gothenburg, Sweden, 12–15 October, 2022.


ESID 2022 contributed to broadening the knowledge in the field of PID by promoting the latest research, offering high-quality educational programs, and fostering indispensable cooperation among all those involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of primary immunodeficiencies. 


Due to the complexity of PID and its variety in clinical presentation (from impaired immune responses to autoimmunity), confirmation of PID diagnosis can take longer time to diagnose and delayed patient management can lead to shortened life expectancy.1


ESID clinical diagnostic criteria include flowcytometric assessment of lymphocyte subsets as part of the diagnostic workup for patients with suspicion of PID.2 An accurate immunophenotypic analysis is important for guiding further functional testing as well as for genetic testing. Immunophenotyping has an additional role in understanding the clinical heterogeneity in disease presentation and outcome.2,3


The EuroFlow™ Consortium has developed an algorithm allowing for flow cytometric screening patients with suspicion of PID in a standardised approach that can guide and prioritize further diagnostic modalities and clinical management. 3


The PIDOT (Primary Immune Deficiency Orientation Tube), based on the scientific validation work of the EuroFlow™ Consortium, enables screening of patients with suspected primary immunodeficiencies by flow cytometry using a standardised approach from sample preparation to automated analysis including age-specific reference ranges.3,4 


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CYT-PIDOT8 is an in vitro diagnostic medical device bearing a CE mark.

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