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BD Optibuild Reagents


BD OptiBuild™: The Reagents You Need, When You Need Them

Design Flexibility

Design Flexibility

Whether you want to add a new marker to a complex experiment, or just reduce overall compensation, BD OptiBuild™ reagents offer over 10,000 choices.
Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

Delivered in three days, BD OptiBuild™ reagents provides the reagents you need, when you need them.
High Performance Dyes

High Performance Dyes

Resolve dim populations more easily. These unique dyes can be brighter than conventional ones, with equivalent background.

BD OptiBuild™: Relative Brightness of Each Dye




Dim Moderate Bright Very Bright
BD Horizon™ BUV805 BD Horizon™ BUV395 BD Horizon™ BUV563 BD Horizon™ BV421
  BD Horizon™ BUV496 BD Horizon™ BUV615 BD Horizon™ BV650
  BD Horizon™ BV510 BD Horizon™ BUV661 BD Horizon™ BV711
  BD Horizon™ BV750 BD Horizon™ BUV737 BD Horizon™ BB515
    BD Horizon™ BV480 BD Horizon™ BB700
    BD Horizon™ BV605 BD Horizon™ RY586
    BD Horizon™ BV786  
    BD Horizon™ R718  

Panel Design is a Puzzle. You Can't Solve a Puzzle Without the Right Pieces.

Whether you want to add a new marker to a complex experiment, or just reduce overall compensation, BD OptiBuild™ reagents offer over 10,000 choices. Those are characterized by the overall increase in complexity and experimental parameters in flow cytometry (2).


They are made to order just for you. Due to this, we have a 10 unit maximum on all products. If you require a larger amount, please contact your local sales representative.

Panel Design Puzzle

BD OptiBuild™ Reagents in Numbers

Unlike traditional large scale, expensive custom conjugates, these reagents come in convenient 50-µg vials and can be ordered the same way as any catalog reagent.


Your reagents are made on demand, and usually ship in less than 72 hours**.


Reduced Packaging, Reduced Waste


BD OptiBuild reagents are shipped in envelopes rather than boxes to help minimize our environmental impact.

Few Clicks to Order Reagents Online

Less time ordering and more time on science! 
Order BD OptiBuild™ reagents directly from our website. 
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* This table provides general guidance with respect to the relative capability of different fluorochromes to resolve dimly stained populations; it is not a representation of absolute fluorescence. Rankings were determined by comparing the stain index (resolution) of cells stained with multiple formats on several clones run on a variety of flow cytometers. Many factors can influence the relative fluorochrome/reagent performance on a given instrument, including laser power, PMT voltage, optical filters, antibody clone and biological sample.


** Source: BD Supply Chain Data from January 2022

  1. BD Horizon GPS online survey, distributed to 70 flow cytometry users (2018)
  2. Source: laser systems are common with instruments often having 20,but these are less common.