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Scientist standing in front of a whiteboard teaching others.


BD Biosciences offers a variety of training courses for instruments and applications to help you take full advantage of the capabilities of BD products quickly and efficiently. Courses are led by BD professionals with extensive flow cytometry experience gained in research and clinical laboratories. Courses combine theory with hands-on practice to provide participants with knowledge, skills and operational experience. 


Highlights of the BD Biosciences Training Program


Our wide range of course options include self-paced e-learning, videos and online webinars. No matter your preferred style of learning, we have training options to help you make the most of your scientific endeavors.

Self-Paced Courses


Explore our self-paced courses. BD offers online training resources available 24/7 in Learning@BD. Learn at your own speed and repeat as often as needed. Courses can be used for basic learning or to reinforce or refresh what you learned in class.


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A person using their computer to review information about the role of optical filters.