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Backed by cutting-edge technology and more than 45 years of expertise, BD Biosciences’ large and extensive portfolio of flow cytometry instruments are designed to empower you with precise tools that can transform your diagnostic, clinical and research applications.



Flow Cytometers

Discover the difference of our powerful and flexible systems as well as our world class customer training and support

As pioneers in flow cytometry, we at BD Biosciences take pride in the high performance, reliability and reproducibility of our instruments. Transform your clinical lab by enabling easy-to-use inter- and intra-lab setup standardization with our clinical flow cytometry systems and intuitive data analysis tools. Further your research needs with our cell analyzers and sorters—and their exceptional multicolor flow cytometry performance.

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Single-Cell Multiomics Systems

Experience the power of high-dimensional biology

With our single-cell multiomics instruments, you can simultaneously analyze hundreds to thousands of genes, transcripts, clonotypes and proteins at the single-cell level. Dramatically increase your proteomics capabilities by combining single-cell analysis methods with next-generation sequencing using antibodies linked to oligonucleotide barcodes. Find the right tools you need to further your single-cell multiomics research from BD Biosciences.

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Sample Preparation Systems

Enable pre-analytical automation and standardization in clinical laboratory workflow for increased workflow efficiency, consistency and accuracy

Automate your sample preparation and minimize errors and variability. As part of our clinical solution, our sample prep systems are designed to work in tandem with our BD flow cytometry instruments to offer preanalytical automation of several labor-intensive manual steps. Our efficient automation process decreases the number of manual steps necessary to complete your analysis, thereby reducing errors and saving you time.

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