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The BD FACSAria™ III Cell Sorter is built on the solid foundation of patented technologies, superior multicolor performance and legendary ease-of-use that opened the complex world of cell sorting to a broader audience of researchers and wider range of research applications.


The fluidics and optical systems are precisely integrated to maximize signal detection. A patented flow cell with gel-coupled cuvette and patented octagon and trigon detection system allow the system to achieve high sensitivity and resolution.


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Watch what our experts in the BD Advanced Technology Group have to say about the ease of use, sensitivity and resolution of the BD FACSAria™ Cell Sorter.



BD FACSAria™ III Cell Sorter

A sensitive flow cytometer with dependable performance
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BD flow cytometers are Class I (1) laser products. 
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.

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