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BD™ P100 Blood Collection System

BD™ P100 Blood Collection System

Product Details
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Human plasma contains a wide variety of proteins that hold potential as biomarkers for proteomics-based diagnostic and prognostic assays. These proteins are subject to proteolytic degradation and modification during and after blood collection.

The BD™ P100 blood collection tubes minimize preanalytical variability in plasma protein analysis. The tubes are spray coated with K2EDTA anticoagulant and proprietary protease inhibitor cocktail, specifically formulated for stabilization of human plasma proteins at the point of collection. Inclusion of a novel mechanical separator within the 8.5 mL BD™ P100 Tubes provides better separation of cellular components from plasma than gel-based separators.

BD™ P100 is for research use only – it is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Tube Material Plastic
Tube Size 16x100 mm
Draw Volume 8.5 mL
Closure Type BD Hemogard™
Closure Color Clear
Label Paper
Cell Separator Yes (Mechanical)
Anticoagulant K2EDTA
Additive Proprietary Protein Stabilizers
Sterilization Radiation , 10-6 SAL , ISO11137-1


Preparation And Storage

Store tubes at 4-25 ºC (39-77 ºF) unless otherwise noted on the package label. It is recommended to store the tubes in the original sealed packaging until use. The pouch with desiccant provides a moisture barrier to preserve the potency of the additives.

Please refer to Support Documents for Quality Certificates

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