The BD FACSDuet™ sample preparation system provides a powerful new level of performance to move the pace of your lab forward. With pre-analytical automation with standardization, the BD FACSDuet drives workflow efficiency, consistency and accuracy in the lab. Designed to complement and physically integrate with the BD FACSLyric™ flow cytometer, the BD FACSDuet provides a complete walkaway sample-to-answer solution. Through its automation protocol, the BD FACSDuet drives higher productivity and accuracy in your results, minimizing manual intervention, and with complete workflow traceability, it supports the labs to be compliant with ISO-15189 accreditation.

Specimen (loading) Carrier (loading) Reagent (loading) Lysing (loading) System Features

Delivering Flexibility in Specimen and Tube Type

The BD FACSDuet™ answers the growing needs of the laboratories to handle different types and sizes of specimen tubes, and supports the hospitals’ needs for consolidation and testing centralization. The BD FACSDuet delivers the flexibility that is required by supporting twenty two (22) different type of blood collection tubes from different Manufacturers.

The choice includes BD Vacutainer®, Sarstedt S-Monovette®, Greiner and Streck tubes.

Tube Type Tube size

Cat. No. (For dimensional reference only)

BD Vacutainer™ 13 x 75 mm

366664 - plastic

366667 - plastic

367671 - glass

BD Hemogard™


BD Hemogard™

13 x 100 mm

367886 - plastic

368660 - plastic

367729 - glass

366450 - glass

BD Hemogard™


BD Hemogard™


16 x 100 mm

366643 - plastic

367880 - plastic

366480 - glass

BD Hemogard™



Greiner 13 x 75 mm



Premium cap

Non-ridged pull cap

13 x 100 mm



Premium cap

Non-ridged pull cap

16 x 100 mm 455084 Non-ridged pull cap



2.7 mL, 11 x 66 mm 05.1167, 05.1167.001 N/A
2.6 mL, 13 x 65 mm 04.1901, 04.1901.001 N/A
3.4, 13 x 65 mm 04.1914, 04.1914.001 N/A
4.9 mL, 13 x 90 mm 04.1931, 04.1931.001 N/A
4.0 mL, 15 x 75 mm 03.1068, 03.1068.001 N/A




5.0 mL, 13 x 75 mm


(5 mL, 6-tube pack)

2 mL Flat


(2 mL, 6-tube pack)



Specimen management is driven by tube adaptors. Seven (7) tube adaptors are available; they are barcoded and color coded for easy identification; they guarantee accurate tube piercing and sample volume dispensing.

Adapter label

Compatible specimen tubes

D13 L65

Sarstedt 2.6 mL and 3.4 mL

D11 L66

Sarstedt 2.7 ml

D13 L75

BD Vacutainer, Streck 5 mL and Greiner 2.0 mL and 3.0 mL

D15 L75

Sarstedt 4.0 mL

D13 L90

Sarstedt 4.9 mL

D13 L100

BD Vacutainer & Greiner 6.0 mL and 7.0 mL

D16 L100

BD Vacutainer & Greiner 9.0 mL and 10.0 mL

Driving Workflow Efficiency and Throughput

Up to 40 specimen tubes can be accommodated at any given time in 4 racks holding 10 specimens each, driving workflow efficiency and throughput.

Two type of specimen racks are available, of which one is specifically designed for pediatric tubes(B)

  • A. FACSDuet Barcode Scanning_no numbers

  • B.  FACSDuet Barcode Scanning_pediatrics tube

Specimen traceability and automated worklist creation are guaranteed by 5 different barcodes on the specimen rack,identifying:

      1. Rack
      2. Tube position
      3. Empty position
      4. Adaptor
      5. Specimen
FACSDuet Barcode Scanning_with numbers

Automated barcode scanning during rack insertion enables:

    • Patient specimen traceability
    • Pipetting management
    • Retrieving patient and assay information from Laboratory Information System (LIS) for automated worklist creation

Allowing for Sample Throughout and Traceability of Samples and Worklist

Worklist traceability is guaranteed by the scanning of the carrier barcode which is associated to a specific worklist and defined specimens.

Secondary tubes are loaded in the BD FACSDuet™ onto 30 and/or 40 tube sample carriers, compatible with the BD FACSLyric™ loader and in the footprint of 96 well plate.

Barcoded secondary tubes are scanned to guarantee sample traceability and association to the specimen and the worklist

Up to 3 carriers can be present at the same time inside the BD FACSDuet, allowing for increased sample throughput.

Refer to Technical Specifications for more information.

Delivering Reagent Management and Flexibility in Panel Design

By accommodating up to 46 reagent vials in 2 separate racks, the BD FACSDuet™ delivers flexibility in antibody panel design and walkaway capabilities.

The use of different size reagent vials is allowed with the use of vial adaptors.

In addition to the barcode on the antibody vial (4), the reagent rack carries 3 barcodes: one identifying the rack (1), one identifying the reagent position (2) and the third one identifying the empty position (3).

Barcodes on reagent racks and antibody vials drive reagent traceability, efficient antibody management and reduction of reagent waste.

FACSDuet - Features - Reagent- Loader Image 1

The optional cocktailing functionality allows on-board automated antibody cocktail preparation, eliminating the risk for errors in manual pipetting and driving automated recording of all used antibodies for easier tracking and auditing.

Cap racks are available to avoid the risk for cap misplacing and antibody cross-contamination

FACSDuet - Features - Reagent- Loader Image 2

Unless otherwise noted the products are for in Vitro Diagnostic Use. CE marked in compliance with the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive 97/79/EC

Lysing solution is contained in a 1L tank.

The tank is designed with a built in funnel for easy filling, avoiding any spillover

FACSDuet - Features - Lysing - Image

The BD FACSDuet™ delivers

  • a) Data Reproducibility with standardization of processes and protocols
  • b) Consistency in operations with an intuitive software interface minimizing training need and variations due to different operators’ experience. System automation eliminates manual steps and the risk for generating errors and testing repetition.
  • c) Efficiency and productivity with predictable sample throughput; the continuous specimen loading enables predictable volume processing with creation of lab test volume capacity
  • d) Traceability of specimen, sample, reagents and worklists eliminates manual data transcription and risk for error, delivering conformity to the ISO 15189 Accreditation
  • e) Modularity and flexibility to accommodate any lab need

Sample preparation system

Item Description Cat. No.
BD FACSDuet™ Sample Prep. System Sample preparation system for all Lyse-No-Wash applications. Includes kit for physical integration with the BD FACSLyric™ flow cytometer. Also includes a starter accessory kit:
Reagent Loading Rack ( Set of 2 racks)
Specimen Loading Rack ( Set of 4 racks)
13x75 Specimen Tube Adapters (4 packs of 10 ea.)
BD FACSLyric™ Secondary Tube Rack (30 Tube Rack) (Set of 4 racks)
Hanheld Barcode Scanner with Stand
Lysing Solution 1L Tank
10L DI Water Tank
10L Waste Tank
10L Saline Tank
50mL Bleach Container
50mL Chilled Saline Container
Documentation Kit (IFU, User Guide, SPG, SLG)
Panel PC

BD FACSDuet™ accessories

Item Description Cat. No.
Specimen Loading Rack
Specimen Loading Rack (Set of 4) Set of 4 racks for loading primary specimen tubes. Does not include tube adaptors 662592
Streck Cyto-Chex specimen Loading Rack (Set of 4) Set of 4 racks for loading Streck Cyto-Chex tubes. 662593
Specimen Rack Adapters
13x65 Specimen Tube Adapters (Set of 10) 13mmx65mm adapter for Sarstedt 2.6mL tubes 662594
11x66 Specimen Tube Adapters (Set of 10) 11mmx66mm adapter  for Sarstedt 2.7mL tubes and 3.4mL tubes 662595
13x75 Specimen Tube Adapters (Set of 10) 13mmx75mm adapter for BD, Greiner, BCT, and Terumo 2mL and 3mL tubes 662596
15x75 Specimen Tube Adapters (Set of 10) 15mmx75mm adapter for Sarstedt 4mL tubes 662597
13x90 Specimen Tube Adapters (Set of 10) 13mmx90mm adapter for Sarstedt 4.9mL tubes 662598
16x100 Specimen Tube Adapters (Set of 10) 16mmx100mm adapter for BD and Greiner 9mL and 10mL tubes 662599
13x100 Specimen Tube Adapters (Set of 10) 13mmx100mm adapter for BD and Greiner 6mL and 7mL tubes 662600
Secondary Tube Racks
BD FACSLyric Secondary Tube Rack (30 Tube Rack) Secondary tube rack to accommodate 30 12x75mm tubes 651314
BD FACSLyric Secondary Tube Rack (40 Tube Rack) Secondary tube rack to accommodate 40 12x75mm tubes 651319
Reagent Racks
Reagent Loading Rack (Set of 2) Set of 2 racks, each accommodates 23 reagent vials. Adapters not included 662664
Reagent Rack Adapters
Reagent Rack Adapter Type 1 (Pack of 10) Adapter to accommodate BD TruCount™ controls, and 4mL BD Horizon™ Brilliant Stain Buffer 663260
Reagent Rack Adapter Type 2 (Pack of 10) Adapter to accommodate 0.5mL and 2mL Pharmingen Reagent Vials 663261
Miscellaneous Accessories
Lysing Solution 1L Tank 1L tank for lysing solution 662602
10L DI Water Tank 10L tank for DI water 662603
10L Waste Tank 10L tank for waste 662604
10L Saline Tank 10L tank for Saline 662605
50mL Bleach Container 50mL bleach container for end of day clean cycle 662606
50mL Chilled Saline Container 50mL container for saline in the reagent bay 662607

BD FACSDuet™ maintenance kit

Item Description Cat. No.
Peristaltic Pump Tubing Replacement Kit Kit for replacement fo the tubing for peristaltic pumps 662613
Specimen Probe Replacement Kit Kit for replacement of specimen pipettor probe 662614
Syringe Pump Valve Replacement Kit Kit for replacement of the syringe valve pump 663247
Syringe Pump Replacement Kit Kit for replacement of the 500uL syringe 663249

BD FACSDuet™ system connectivity (FACSLink)

Item Description Cat. No.
BD FACSLink™ Basic Software + 1 Year Maintenance (EU only) BD FACSLink basic software + 2 connections + 1 year maintenance 663061
BD FACSLink Computer Assembly (EU only) Computer assembly for BD FACSLink software 663874
BD FACSLink User License + 1 Year Maintenance (EU only) Extra connection license (optional, for multiple instruments) 663062
BD FACSLink Computer Assembly (non-EU) Computer assembly for BD FACSLink software 663875
BD FACSLink Software Package (non-EU) BD FACSLink software for BD FACSLyric Allows for connection to LIS 663893
BD FACSLink Connection License for Additional Instruments (non-EU) Extra BD FACSLink connection license (optional, for multiple instruments) 663625
BD FACSLink Software Media Kit ( for all regions except EU,US, Canada) Media kit required to be orderd for first time installations or software upgrades of BD FACSLink 663727

BD FACSDuet™ System Testimonials

See what customers are saying about the BD FACSDuet™.

FACSDuet - Accreditation The BD FACSDuet will allow us to be compliant with UKAS, the accreditation service, and ISO 15189. Dr. Tim Farren, Head of Immunophenotyping, Barts Heath NHS Trust.
Watch Now→
FACSDuet - Teaser “The automation allows faster process, faster throughput, increased capacity”, adds Nicole Gresham, Associate Director of Pathology at the Barts Health NHS Trust, UK.
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FACSDuet - Automation BD FACSDuet™ - “A real game changer in flow cytometry” , says Chris Scott – Barts Health NHS Trust, UK
Watch Now→
FACSDuet - Testimonials - Dr. Bloxham “The BD FACSDuet enables us to increase our laboratory’s efficiency and throughput, replacing manual processes with automated ones that are traceable and that can be automatically transferred and recorded in our laboratory information system providing a complete audit trail"

—Mr. D. Bloxham – Principle Biomedical Scientist – HODS Cambridge University Hospital NHS Trust – Cambridge - UK
FACSDuet - Testimonials - Farren “At last, a fully integrated end-to-end walkaway solution, which is going to make our lives significantly easier. It reduces errors in both the pre-analytical and analytical phases, leading to increased productivity and efficiency, but most importantly provides a comprehensive fully audit-able account of the whole process. Finally a solution that creates capacity to allow us to meet our key performance indicators”

—Dr. T. Farren - Head of Immunophenotyping (SIHMDS) Barts Health NHS Trust, UK
FACSDuet - Testimonials - Scott “I require all the monoclonal antibodies used, the ancillary reagents, tubes, the QC materials to be linked to an exact patient…this is an essential laboratory process and it is also mandatory in order to maintain ISO 15189 accreditation"

—Mr. C. Scott – Lead Biomedical Scientist, Immunology Dep. Barts Health NHS Trust, UK
FACSDuet - Testimonials - Bloxham “What is the potential impact of the BD FACSDuet? It removes our manual processes, increases our efficiency and throughput, and gives us control in standardization of processes. It’s a controlled environment ”

—Mr. D. Bloxham – Principle Biomedical Scientist – HODS Cambridge University Hospital NHS Trust – Cambridge - UK

Unless otherwise noted the products are for in Vitro Diagnostic Use. CE marked in compliance with the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive 97/79/EC

Unless otherwise noted the products are for in Vitro Diagnostic Use. CE marked in compliance with the In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive 97/79/EC

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