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Human IL-8 ELISA Kit II

BD OptEIA™ Human IL-8 ELISA Kit II

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Human (QC Testing)
ELISA (Routinely Tested)

Preparation And Storage

Store unopened reagents at 2-8°C. do not use reagents after expiration date, or if turbidity is evident. Before use, bring all reagents to room temperature (18-25°C). Immediately after use, return to proper storage conditions. Lyophilized standards are stable until expiration date. After reconstitution, immediately aliquot standard stock in polypropylene vials at 50 µl per vial anf freeze at -80°C for up to 6 months. If necessary, store at 2-8°C for up to 8 hours prior to aliquotting/freezing. Do not leave reconstituted standard at room temperature.
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Citations & References
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550999 Rev. 1

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