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FITC Mouse Anti- BrdU Set

BD Pharmingen™ FITC Mouse Anti- BrdU Set

Product Details
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BD Pharmingen™
Human (QC Testing)
Flow cytometry, Intracellular staining (flow cytometry) (Routinely Tested)


Reacts with bromodeoxyuridine (BrdU) incorporated in place of thymidine during the S-phase of cycling cells. This technique enables measurement of the frequency of DNA-synthesizing cells in studies of cell activation and proliferation.

Preparation And Storage

The monoclonal antibody was purified from tissue culture supernatant or ascites by affinity chromatography. The antibody was conjugated with FITC under optimum conditions, and unreacted FITC was removed. Store undiluted at 4°C and protected from prolonged exposure to light. Do not freeze.

Recommended Assay Procedures

Note: this product is routinely tested on fixed and permeabilized REH cell line with 70-80% cold ethanol. Please see the detail protocol at This product is NOT recommended to use with BrdU flow kits, e.g. Cat. No. 559619.

Product Notices

  1. This reagent has been pre-diluted for use at the recommended Volume per Test. We typically use 1 × 10^6 cells in a 100-µl experimental sample (a test).
  2. This antibody has been optimized and preassayed with its matched isotype control to be used at the recommended volume of 20 ul/test. Titration of the reagents or substituting with other (non-matched) isotype control is NOT recommended.
  3. Since applications vary, each investigator should titrate the reagent to obtain optimal results.
  4. Please refer to for technical protocols.
  5. Caution: Sodium azide yields highly toxic hydrazoic acid under acidic conditions. Dilute azide compounds in running water before discarding to avoid accumulation of potentially explosive deposits in plumbing.
  6. Source of all serum proteins is from USDA inspected abattoirs located in the United States.
556028 Rev. 11
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Description Quantity/Size Part Number EntrezGene ID
FITC Mouse Anti-BrdU 100 Tests (1 ea) 51-33284X N/A
FITC Mouse IgG1, κ Isotype Control 100 Tests (1 ea) 51-35404X N/A
556028 Rev. 11
Citations & References
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Development References (2)

  1. Dolbeare F, Gratzner H, Pallavicini MG, Gray JW. Flow cytometric measurement of total DNA content and incorporated bromodeoxyuridine. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1983; 80(18):5573-5577. (Biology). View Reference
  2. Keren DF, Hanson CA, Hurtubise PE. David F. Keren, Curtis A. Hanson, Paul E. Hurtubise., ed. Flow cytometry and clinical diagnosis. Chicago: ASCP Press; 1994:1-676.
556028 Rev. 11

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