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BD Horizon™ NEXT Global Educational Tour

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As the need to resolve more complex biological data increases, it is critical for scientists to remain up to date on the latest technologies, methodologies and biological insights to help optimize their science. The BD Horizon™ NEXT Global Education Tour will empower scientists with the latest high-parameter spectral flow cytometry information and new-to-world real-time imaging cell sorting technology. This program will demonstrate the critical steps required to optimize a 38-color human NK and T cell panel prior to its use to assess the immune system diversity across healthy donors.

Attendees will also be introduced to the cutting-edge technologies at the core of the first real-time fluorescence imaging spectral flow cytometer and cell sorter. We will demonstrate the unprecedented capability of isolating six subsets of cells identified by the 38-color spectral flow cytometry panel.

Remain up to date on the latest technologies, methodologies, and biological insights to help optimize your science!

Discover the Program Modules*

: Learn best practices for the design and execution of high-quality high-parameter spectral flow cytometry panels.


Deep Science: Explore the diversity of the immune system through deep spectral immunophenotyping and cell sorting.


Imaging Spectral Sorting: Learn about the cutting-edge technologies featured in first ever real-time imaging spectral flow cytometer.


Analyze: A complete informatic solution to answer deep biological questions, from QC to advanced high-dimensional data analysis tools.

Science and application centered sessions in the field of single-cell multiomics, and cell sorting. 

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Watch the introductory video about the BD Horizon™ NEXT Global Education Tour.


Limited availability. Please reach out to your local representative to learn more about the Tour.

*Final agenda might differ per country 

BD Horizon™ NEXT Global Educational Tour is coming to Europe in October 2023!