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Welcome to the future of oncohaematology and immunology diagnostics with BD Biosciences, offering an extensive range of cutting-edge reagents designed to elevate your clinical practice.


We are excited to announce that Cytognos products are now also available through our online store.  Explore the integrated BD-Cytognos portfolio, enhance your diagnostic and research capabilities and the journey from diagnosis to monitoring and disease follow-up.

Single-Colour Antibodies (CE-IVD)

IVD reagents that provide flexibility and consistency.

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Multi-Colour Cocktails and Kits (CE-IVD)

Kits and multi-colour cocktails that provide excellent resolution for high-parameter flow cytometry.

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Buffers, Solutions and Quality Controls (CE-IVD)

Specialised reagents and buffers required for various clinical applications. Bead quality controls to help set up clinical diagnostics tests.

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Single-Colour Antibodies (RUO)

Explore a selection of RUO antibodies based on the specificity and dye format you need for your objective. Performance-optimised reagents with antibodies conjugated to different fluorophores are available.

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Multi-Colour Cocktails and Kits (RUO)

Preformulated and performance-optimised multi-colour panels.

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