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Progenitor Cell Enumeration Kit
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BD Procount™
Flow cytometry


BD Procount™ progenitor cell enumeration kit is intended for use as an in vitro diagnostic test to identify and enumerate absolute counts and percentages of CD34+ cells in human peripheral blood samples, mobilized peripheral blood, and leukapheresis sample using flow cytometry.

Contents: Combination of CD34 PE, CD45 PerCP, nucleic acid dye, and isotype controls; with BD Trucount™ tubes.


It is important that you carefully follow these instructions. Store the reagent vials upright at 2° to 8°C. Use opened vials within 4 weeks. Expiration dating for closed vials is shown on the label.

Store BD Trucount tubes in their original foil pouch at 2° to 25°C. To avoid potential condensation, open the pouch only after it has reached room temperature and carefully reseal the pouch immediately after removing a tube. Examine the desiccant each time you open the pouch. If the desiccant has turned from blue to lavender, discard the remaining tubes. Use tubes within 1 hour after removal from the foil pouch. Once the pouch has been opened, the tubes are stable for 1 month. Do not use beyond the expiration date indicated on the packaging.

340498 Rev. 1
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描述 数量/尺寸 零件号 EntrezGene ID
Combination of CD34 PE, CD45 PerCP, nucleic acid dye 25 Tests (1 ea) 91-0242 N/A
Isotype Controls 25 Tests (1 ea) 91-0243 N/A
BD Trucount tubes (25 tubes) 50 Tests (2 ea) 91-0786 N/A
340498 Rev. 1
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340498 Rev. 1

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