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BD Recharge: Chemically defined, animal free, protein free media supplement. (Brochure)

With over 50 years of expertise in bacterial fermentation and mammalian cell culture, BD Biosciences – Advanced Bioprocessing products—including Difco™ and BBL™ brand supplements and media—are used as critical components in the production of some of the most widely used drugs and vaccines on the global market today.

BD™ CompBead and BD™ CompBead Plus Compensation Particles (Data Sheet)

BD™ CompBead particles are polystyrene microparticles used to optimize fluorescence compensation settings for multicolor flow cytometric analysis.

BD Pharmingen™ Transcription Factor Buffer Set (Data Sheet)

Flow cytometry is a powerful technique for the simultaneous detection of several proteins at the single-cell level. Combining intracellular markers such as transcription factors with cell surface markers allows the determination of subsets within a heterogenous population expressing the proteins of interest.

BD FACS™ Pre-Sort Buffer (Data Sheet)

BD FACS™ Pre-Sort Buffer is a convenient, ready-to-use buffer for cell sorting applications.

BD Pharmingen™ Transcription Factor PhosphoPlus Buffer Set (Data Sheet)

BD Pharmingen™ Transcription Factor PhosphoPlus Buffer Set is a new formulation of a mild fixation and permeabilization buffer sequentially paired with harsh alcohol (BD Phosflow™ Perm Buffer III) and a verified methodology.

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