BD™ Cytometer Setup and Tracking Bead Lot Files (BD FACSDiva™ v6.x)

Each lot of BD™ Cytometer Setup & Tracking beads (CS&T beads) has an associated bead lot file that needs to be downloaded from this website and then imported into BD FACSDiva™ software v6.x.

Download Instructions

To download and install the appropriate bead lot file, please follow these instructions. (You may wish to print them.)

  1. On the BD FACSDiva Bead Lot Files page, go to the section for the version of BD FACSDiva software that you are using.
  2. Click the link that matches the bead lot number on your vial of CS&T beads. This will begin the download process.

  3. If you are downloading directly to the cytometer workstation, save the zipped bead lot file to C:\Program Files\BD FACSDiva Software\CST\Bead Lot

    Otherwise, download the bead lot file to any location and manually transfer it via network, flash drive, or other method to C:\Program Files\BD FACSDiva Software\CST\Bead Lot.

  4. After saving the bead lot file in the proper folder, unzip it and start BD FACSDiva software on the cytometer workstation.

  5. Within BD FACSDiva software, select Cytometer > CST > Tools > Bead Lots.

  6. In the Bead Lot window, click the Import button.

  7. Select the appropriate bead lot file and click Open.

  8. Close the Bead Lot window.

The BD Cytometer Setup and Tracking application is For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.