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Buffers/Solutions(14 of 19) results found

Fixation Buffer

BD Cytofix™ Fixation Buffer

Size:100 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:554655

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Lysing Buffer

BD Pharm Lyse™ Lysing Buffer

Size:100 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:555899

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Perm Buffer II

BD Phosflow™ Perm Buffer II

Size:125 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:558052

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Perm Buffer III

BD Phosflow™ Perm Buffer III

Size:125 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:558050

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Perm Buffer IV 10×

BD Phosflow™ Perm Buffer IV 10×

Size:50 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:560746

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Brefeldin A Solution

BD FastImmune™ Brefeldin A Solution

Size:250 µL Status:RUO (GMP) Cat No.:347688

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Perm/Wash Buffer

BD Perm/Wash™ Perm/Wash Buffer

Size:100 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:554723

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Perm/Wash Buffer I

BD Phosflow™ Perm/Wash Buffer I

Size:125 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:557885

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Permeabilization Buffer Plus

BD Cytoperm™ Permeabilization Buffer Plus

Size:10 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:561651

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Stain Buffer (BSA)

BD Pharmingen™ Stain Buffer (BSA)

Size:500 mL Status:RUO Cat No.:554657

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Transcription Factor Buffer Set

BD Pharmingen™ Transcription Factor Buffer Set

Size:25 Tests Status:RUO Cat No.:562725

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Proteins(2 of 6) results found

Recombinant Human IL-2

BD Pharmingen™ Recombinant Human IL-2

Size:10 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:554603

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Recombinant Human IL-3

BD Pharmingen™ Recombinant Human IL-3

Size:10 µg Status:RUO Cat No.:554604

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Isotype Controls/Lysates(4 of 6) results found

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