Cell Therapy Enablement

A key challenge in cell therapy development today is the purity of cell preparations. Diluted or impure cell populations can be less efficacious, and unwanted cells may present safety concerns. Combining droplet-based flow cytometry with BD's proven FACS™ technology provides the highest grade of purity achievable today, enabling:

  • ≥98% purity for many applications
  • Multiparameter isolation of complex phenotypes

Influx thumbnail

BD Influx™ cell sorter

  • Highly customizable
  • Up to 10 lasers and 24 parameters
  • Multiple nozzle sizes
  • Class II Type A2 BSC available
  • Aseptic replaceable fluidics
Cytopeia Image

New BD Cytopeia™ fluidic kit

  • Improved kit design (SAL of 10-6)
  • New sterile sheath bag with DPBS
  • Optional sterile in-line sheath filter
  • Sheath tank
  • Available for BD Influx and BD FACSJazz

Our custom multicolor cell sorting reagents can be tested for sterility, toxicity, and lack of microbial or viral contamination and manufactured in cGMP compliance. Lyophilization for longer shelf life is available upon request.

BD holds a license to US patent number 7,947,464 which describes methods for identifying regulatory T cells and includes the use of CD127, CD25 and CD4. Please contact bdlicensing@bd.com for sub-licensing information.

Custom cGMP reagents for cell isolation

Specificity Clone Format
CD4 (L200) PerCP
CD25 (2A3) APC
CD127 (40131) PE

Please contact bdb_custom_orders@bd.com

Class 1 Laser Product.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.