Cell & Biomarker Preservation

BD Vacutainer Cell and Biomarker Preservation Products Overview

The BD Vacutainer® family includes a broad portfolio of products that are relied upon by leading hospitals and research institutions to enhance sample quality and workflow efficiency. These products, backed by unrivaled customer support and training, help institutions enhance productivity in clinical and research lab settings by reducing retests, recollects, and instrument downtime and protect their nurses, phlebotomists, and caregivers from accidental injuries.

The BD Vacutainer® family of products for blood cell and biomarker preservation are widely used in clinical research across the world, in conjunction with a variety of downstream molecular, proteomics and cellular applications. Most biomarker-based studies are designed to identify variations between samples acquired from healthy subjects and samples from patients with well-characterized disease states. Variations that arise ex-vivo, either due to inconsistent sample handling and processing following acquisition and/or intrinsic biochemical processes, can significantly impact the quality of the research and measurement of biomarkers. BD Vacutainer products for cell and biomarker preservation help ensure reproducibility and accuracy of data and workflow efficiency when measuring biomarkers.

BD Vacutainer® Blood Cell and Biomarker Preservation Products

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