Sirigen Polymer Dyes

Bright is Better

Sirigen's unique polymer dye technology has opened the door to the development of novel dyes that are four to ten times brighter than conventional dyes, with equivalent background—a breakthrough in the field.

For reagent selection in general, "bright is better." For cells that have few receptors on the surface, bright reagents are essential in resolving these dim cells from others in a sample. The characteristics of the Sirigen polymer dyes enable them to achieve much brighter fluorescence signals than traditional organic fluorescent dyes or even phycobiliproteins such as PE or APC. This means that they are effective for identifying cell populations with a broader range of receptor density than previously possible.



Sirigen dyes are based on these patented chemistries, which allow the creation of very photostable polymer dyes that are effective at collecting excitation light and efficiently converting it to emitted light at a longer wavelength.

Product List

Product List

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