BD Accuri C6 Plus

直觀的軟體 — 幾分鐘內即可輕鬆掌握

BD CFlow® 軟體介面的設計是基於對專業流式用戶的操作要求作深入理解後而開發的,是具有簡潔扼要,直觀明瞭特徵的分析軟體。





BD Accuri C6 軟體可以輸出為FCS 3.0的格式以無縫地把客戶的數據輸入至其它流式細胞分析的軟體,包括 FCS Express™ and FlowJo™

Data collection

The Data Collection function lets users create new plots, hide or delete plots, or copy and re-use plots.

Data analysis

The Data Analysis function lets users create color overlay histograms, print multiple plots, compare samples, and create median statistics.


The Statistics function lets users view information in a master table and easily copy and paste into spreadsheets.

Batch analysis
Batch Analysis

Sample figure creation using BD Accuri C6 software
Sample figure creation using BD Accuri C6 software

Embryonal carcinoma cell line 2102Ep was stained with antibodies corresponding to the proteins indicated on the histograms. Data was collected on a BD Accuri C6 cytometer. Data shows overlays of single-parameter plots after fluorescence compensation has been applied. Labeling on plots was added in presentation software after plots were dragged and dropped in from the BD Accuri C6 software file.

Stem cell marker comparisons facilitated with overlay plots
Stem cell marker comparisons facilitated with overlay plots

The human embryonal carcinoma (EC) cell line 2102Ep can serve as a reference standard for human embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells because it expresses most of the same markers. After staining with antibodies to stem cell markers, 2102Ep EC cells were collected and analyzed on a BD Accuri C6. Overlays of single-parameter histograms were drawn with BD Accuri C6 software. Plots were dragged and dropped into presentation software, where labels were added. Note: The curve for SSEA-1 (gray in plot A), a negative pluripotency marker, is almost identical to the negative control (black).

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