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BD Phosflow™ technology offers an extremely powerful means of obtaining kinetic information on T-cell subset-specific signaling processes.

T cells are activated and regulated by complex pathways involving a number of signal transduction molecules, including receptors for antigens and cytokines, kinases, and transcription factors. Signals involving protein phosphorylation play a role in the differentiation of naïve CD4+ T cells into Th1, Th2, Th9, Th17, Tfh, or Treg cells.

Detecting transient phosphorylation events: BD Phosflow technology

Innovative BD Phosflow technology is the first complete flow cytometry solution to reveal intracellular data on basal and induced protein phosphorylation events in both cell lines and primary cells. The BD Phosflow approach is especially informative for studying T cells, in which phosphorylation of signaling proteins leads to the expression of particular T-cell phenotypes.

Specialized antibodies, buffers, and kits

BD provides reagents and kits for the study of protein phosphorylation by flow cytometry. Developed collaboratively by BD and researchers at Stanford University, BD Phosflow technology consists of phosphoprotein-specific, fluorochrome-labeled monoclonal antibodies, along with a system of optimized buffers that fix the cellular proteins to maintain their phosphorylation state and prepare cells for antibody staining.

Researchers can use the BD Phosflow system in combination with cell surface markers to reliably determine the level of key phosphorylated signaling proteins from populations within heterogenous samples such as whole blood. Even rare cell subtypes can be identified without upfront enrichment.

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Transcription Factor Buffer Set

The BD Pharmingen™ transcription factor buffer set is an optimized fixation and permeabilization buffer system ideal for the detection of intracellular and intranuclear proteins by flow cytometry.

It improves the sensitivity for many transcription factors including, but not limited to, FoxP3, RORγt, T-bet, and Bcl-6.


  • Optimized fixation and permeabilization buffer for the detection of intracellular and intranuclear proteins by flow cytometry
  • Improved sensitivity for many transcription factors including FoxP3, RORγt, Bcl-6, and T-bet
  • Fully integrated novel formulas speed processing and deliver high cell yield
  • Compatible with many cell types, cell surface staining, and tandem dyes
  • Supports high-throughput testing via volume reduction, bulk fixing, and storage

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.