Bead-Based Immunoassays

BD CBA Multiplexed Bead-Based Immunoassays

BD™ CBA solutions are designed for multiplexed analysis, to provide more data using a single sample. Multiplexing is especially useful when only a small amount of sample is available, maximizing the number of proteins that can be analyzed. With BD CBA, up to 30 proteins can be analyzed using just 25 to 50 μL of sample. Other methods such as ELISA and Western blot require a similar amount of sample, but only one protein can be analyzed from the same volume. With the BD CBA Enhanced Sensitivity Flex Set system, it is possible to detect as low as 0.274 pg/mL in a multiplexed assay.

The BD CBA portfolio includes assays for measurement of a variety of soluble and intracellular proteins, including cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, and phosphorylated cell signaling proteins.

BD CBA assay principle

Workflow Kits Diagram

Each capture bead in the array has a unique fluorescence intensity and is coated with a capture antibody specific for a single analyte.
A combination of different beads is mixed with a sample or standard and a mixture of detection antibodies that are conjugated to
a reporter molecule (PE). Following incubation and subsequent washing, the samples are acquired on a flow cytometer.

The FCAP Array analysis software gates on each individual bead population and determines the median fluorescence intensity (MFI) for each analyte in the array. It generates a standard curve and performs interpolation of sample concentrations compared to the standard curve and generates an analysis report in tabular format.

FCAP Array is a trademark of Soft Flow Hungary Ltd.