BD FastImmune cytokine detection system

Streamlined and highly reproducible intracellular cytokine staining for applied research applications on human samples

The BD FastImmune™ system is designed to meet the needs of applied research on human samples. Complete and optimized, the BD FastImmune system is particularly well suited for research studies monitoring immune status during disease, or immune responses to vaccine candidates.


BD FastImmune products are designed for multiparameter analysis of lymphocyte activation at the single-cell level, allowing the sensitive detection of intracellular cytokines in only hours. This streamlined method uses whole blood samples to maintain the in vivo environment as closely as possible.

Product List

Product List

BD Biosciences provides a range of BD FastImmune multicolor or single-color cytokine reagents for antibody staining, including selected sample-activation and sample-processing reagents. Ready-to-use intracellular cytokine detection kits are available and manufactured under cGMP conditions.