CD Markers

Tools for identification and characterization of leukocytes

CD marker nomenclature originated in 1982 at the first Human Leukocyte Differentiation Antigens (HLDA) workshop. HLDA continues to independently evaluate or "workshop" antibodies to establish specificity, aiding in the global standardization of research reagents.

Widely used in hematology, immunology, and pathology, as well as in clinical research, CD marker antibodies from BD Biosciences come in a variety of formats and sizes. The BD Human CD markers have been reviewed by the HLDA.

BD Biosciences has published three new CD marker reference materials that include a Human CD Marker Poster, a Mouse CD Marker Poster, and a Human and Mouse CD Marker Handbook referencing all the defined markers with their target cell types.

multicolor products

Support for your multicolor panel design

We want to help empower researchers to cost effectively maximize the power of multicolor flow cytometry whenever possible. BD Biosciences offers a number of tools that support your multicolor panel design.

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