BD FACSDiva Software

Built-in expertise for consistent, reliable results

BD FACSDiva™ software supports data integrity and helps ensure reproducible results by enabling automated cytometer setup.

Experiment and Application Setup

BD FACSDiva software provides convenient and easy experiment layout tools to simplify creation of experiments. These tools provide a graphical view of the entire experiment and allow the quick addition of labels, keywords, and acquisition attributes to a single tube, multiple tubes, specimens, or the entire experiment. In addition, BD FACSDiva software provides the ability to store experiment, analysis, and panel templates for re-use without sacrificing data integrity.

With the BD FACSDiva application settings feature, users can save their specific settings to properly resolve their populations of interest. Once a daily performance check is performed to update settings, application settings can be applied to ensure that the particular applications with these settings are running consistently from day to day.

Automated Daily Setup and QC

A single daily setup run using BD FACSDiva software and BD FACSDiva™ CS&T research beads* supports consistency and accuracy of data acquisition. Key cytometer setup values for PMT voltages, laser delay, and area scaling factors are automatically calculated and adjusted to maintain optimal performance levels over time. This automation reduces startup time to approximately five minutes and eliminates multiple error-prone and expensive data acquisitions and calculations.

Note that because of a change in the beads for BD FACSDiva software v7.0 and v8.0, upgrading from BD FACSDiva software v6.x to v8.0 will cause a loss of existing baselines and application settings. All baselines, performance checks, and application settings will have to be recreated, as needed. See the BD FACSDiva Software Reference Manual and the BD Cytometer Setup and Tracking Application Guide for more details.

Cytometer Configuration Setup

BD FACSDiva software provides a graphic of the cytometer's physical optical configuration, showing the layout of detectors, filters, and mirrors. This allows users to select the correct configuration for their work. Administrators can create specialized configurations for particular applications by dragging filters, mirrors, and fluorochromes onto a representation of the optical bench.

Automatic cytometer adjustments
Automatic cytometer adjustments
BD FACSDiva software automatically adjusts PMT voltages to maintain cytometer performance from day to day.
Experiment Layout
Experiment Layout
Using the Experiment Layout feature in BD FACSDiva software greatly simplifies and speeds up creating a new experiment.
Visual tools for cytometer configuration setup
Visual tools for cytometer configuration setup
Cytometer configuration setup is quickly completed through drag and drop of parameters, filters, or mirrors onto the appropriate optical bench location.

*The BD Cytometer Setup and Tracking application and BD FACSDiva CS&T research beads are For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.