BD FACSDiva Software

Robust features from setup through analysis

BD FACSDiva™ software provides one of the most complete and robust feature sets available for flow cytometry.

BD FACSDiva v8.0.1 Software

BD FACSDiva v8.0.1 software continues to provide powerful index sorting, along with more routine software operation features including overlays, undo/redo, and multiple copying and pasting of all worksheet elements. This version runs on the Windows® 7 32-bit operating system. A complete list of BD FACSDiva software features is listed in the following specification table.

The index sorting feature enables laboratories to sort cells into single wells of plates, and also easily identify them on plots, in statistics views, and in a detailed results file.

Index sorting
Index sorting

Feature Specification
Cytometers Supported v8.0.1: BD FACSCanto™, BD FACSCanto™ II, BD FACSAria™ II, BD FACSAria™ III, BD FACSAria™ Fusion, BD™ LSR II, BD LSRFortessa™, and BD LSRFortessa™ X-20
Options Supported BD FACS™ Loader for the BD FACSCanto platform, BD™ High Throughput Sampler for the BD FACSCanto and BD LSR platforms, and BD FACS™ Accudrop for the BD FACSAria platform
Plates Supported U, V, and flat-bottom 96-well plates, flat-bottom 384-well plates, Terasaki plates (BD FACSAria only)
Laser/Filter Support 145 (See Table 1 in Qr and Br in BD FACSDiva™ Software: Parameters for Characterizing Detector Performance)
Event Display User-Defined Event Number, User-Defined Percentage
Standard Gating Interval, Rectangle, Polygon, Quadrants, Hinged Quadrants
Logical Gating And, Or, Not, and Rest Of
Auto Gating Auto-Polygon, Auto-Interval, Snap-To Polygon, Snap-To Interval
Standard Statistics Minimum, Maximum, Geometric Mean, Mean, Median, Standard Deviation, Percent Coefficient of Variation, Mode
Robust Statistics Robust Standard Deviation, Robust Percent Coefficient of Variation
Analysis Types Manual or Batch
Plot Types Histogram, 2D Dot Plot, 2D Contour Plot, 2D Density Plot
Plot Alignment Tools Left, Right, Bottom, Top, Distribute Horizontally, Distribute Vertically
Performance Tracking Measurements PMTV, Qr, Br, Bright Bead Target Value, Bright Bead %rCV, Mid Bead Median, Mid Bead %rCV, Dim Bead Median, Dim Bead %rCV, Forward Scatter Laser Delay, Fluorescence Laser Delay, Laser Current, Laser Power, Fluidics Pressure
Scaling Linear, Log, Biexponential
Automated Setup Define Baseline, Check Performance, Auto Compensation, Reset Target Values
Export Formats JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, XML, CSV, PDF
Export Files Experiments, FCS Files, Statistics, Templates
Levey-Jennings Plots Up to 30
Operating System v8.0.1: Microsoft® Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1 (32-bit)

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