BD FACSDiva Software

Efficient and accurate experiment setup

BD FACSDiva™ software helps users manage experimental details with easy-to-use interfaces and controls.


BD FACSDiva software simplifies data acquisition with a dashboard that provides the tools for immediately viewing acquisition status and for setting acquisition stopping criteria. The application settings feature automatically adjusts voltage settings to daily changes in cytometer performance, so that users can run existing applications more simply and quickly.


BD FACSDiva software provides a wide array of basic analysis features, enabling multiple applications to run on the BD FACSCanto™, BD™ LSR, and BD FACSAria™ cytometers. These include gating tools to automatically find a population, biexponential scaling to completely see populations that might have negative relative fluorescence intensities, and even overlays to compare multiple tubes or samples.


Worksheets are configurable using pre-defined and customizable headers and footers. Snap-to grids allow for easy alignments of plots, comments, and statistics. Previewing and PDF creation can be completed within the BD FACSDiva interface.

Global worksheet for data reporting
Global worksheet for data reporting
BD FACSDiva software offers simple tools for data reporting that provide flexible defined layout definition and easy previewing and printing.
BD FACSDiva software provides the ability to overlay multiple different samples and any or all populations within each tube of data.

Data management

BD FACSDiva software offers efficient data management tools to simplify data storage as well as improve organization of flow cytometer data. Along with built-in database and database utilities, BD FACSDiva software provides automated data export in a variety of formats including XML, FCS, and even ZIP, for multiple files concurrently. Manual export of FCS files creates an experiment folder structure in the operating system for easy identification of data files without the need to open them.